October 29, 2003

They just keep trying…

Posted in English, Reflections at 11:53 am by Rou...

Inspired by my desperate friend… who told me that he feels like a wave crashing on the shore…




It’s wrong to believe that “a wave crashes on the shore”.

Waves never crash… they just keep trying…


They summon themselves in a great power to defeat the sand shore, and when they move forward to attack, tiredness swallows their strength… and then… they fall into pieces.


But they are smart; draw themselves back quickly to summon themselves again.


Sometimes they win, and cross the front shore to reach deeper parts of the sand. But when they fail to… their pride incite them to leave a mark of their next invasion; some small droplets of water remaining on the shore to wet our feet while watching their withdrawal. As if they are saying… “We’ll be back”…



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