June 29, 2004


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About seven years ago when I was in 2nd year in high school (first year in what so called “thanweya 3amma”) our chemistry teacher told us a very nice story while explaining the part of soap in the organic chemistry.

A few days ago I read the same story in a book called “The speaker’s quote book” by Roy B. Zuck…


Here it goes….


A few years ago a young copywriter was trying to write an ad for a new kind of soap. Here is what he came up with: “The alkaline element and fats in this product are bended in such a way as to secure the highest quality of saponification, along with a specific gravity that keeps it on top of the water, relieving the bather of the trouble and annoyance of fishing around for it at the bottom of the tub during his ablutions.”


A more experienced writer later said the same thing in two words: “It floats.”


                                       — Bits & Pieces



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