October 17, 2004


Posted in English, Reflections at 11:45 am by Rou...

She entered the hospital at 11:30 pm… I took my mother and went there… they said “mesh 2abl el sob7”… and since I had to wake up at 6 am in the following morning, so mama asked me to go home and have some sleep and they promised to call me when it’s time.

I woke up at 4 am on the message tone. The message said only 3 words: “She is in”.

I put on my clothes in a hurry, and went back to the hospital.

There I found my brother standing in the lobby outside her the room. I stepped near to him… ya 7araaaam…. He was very worried… I never saw him in such state before…

Lightening his cigarette nervously he said: “They said the doctor won’t come now… ana mesh fahem ya3ny… homa nazelooha 2odet el 3amaleyat leh omal..!”

“Don’t worry ya meshmesh , everything will be fine” I said.

A few silent moments then his mobile rang. It was her brother asking him to come down.

Another few minutes and they came up… and I saw her, him, and the new comer…!

I’m an AAAUUUNNNNTTTTT……………………………!

I stared at “Zayd”; the new member of the family and couldn’t say except one world: “sob7an allah”. This tiny delicate thing is a human being now. I was afraid to even kiss him… J

I stayed with them another hour or so then I left. As I was crossing the street to my car, I had that thought. If that’s how I’m feeling, then I wonder how do they both feel now……!

I entered my car, and stayed silent for a minute, and then I screamed out loud: “I’m an AUNTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT”


Aunty Rou… 😀



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