July 10, 2005

On London Blasts!

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On Tuesday the 28th of June I was supposed to be on the Egypt air plane heading to London Heathrow Airport and then all the way to Nottingham to complete my Masters degree in the university there…

About 10 days before that date we – me and 4 of my friends who were heading there – heard that there were some problems with the university concerning us, and in a matter of 3 days we received an email from the university informing us that we wont be accepted this year for certain reasons…

Anyways, that’s not the issue here… the point is that I had some of my worst days ever since I received that information … since it wasn’t in my plans at all staying in Egypt the few coming months… and in my mind I had a totally different plans…

Each and everyday I asked myself the same question while getting off the bed in the morning… “I wonder what I would have been doing if I was in England now?!”

On Thursday the 7th of July, I was doing some shopping early in the morning. At 11 am I received a call on the mob from a friend of mine, as soon as I said hello I heard the following:

“Rubyyy…. Mesh ana 3ereft enty leh masaferteeesh England!!!!!!!”…

I said….”mana already 3arfa ya deena… fee mashakel ma3 el gam3a henak…”

She said: “NOOOOO… da Rabena… “

I said: “aywa tab3an wa ne3ma bellah…. Ana 3arfa eno rabena howal elly arad keda…”

She said: “Rehaaaaaaab….  BLASTS IN LONDONNNN… one of them in the undergroundddd”




She said again: “helloooooooooooo…. U there?”

I said: “enty beteshta3’aleeeny… sa7?”

She said: “yeeeeeeeeh…. Lama terga3y efta7y el BBC or EuroNews….. u’ll c for urself…”

I turned to my friend who was making the shopping with me and told her what happened. She smiled and said: “Bass Nottingham is not that close to London ya3ny….” I smiled back to her and said…. “yes indeed… Bass u’ll never know what would have happened… we ba3dein ana makontesh 7a2adeeha mozakra basss ya3ny!!”

I stayed the whole day watching the news, smiling, and mumbling:

“ashkorak ya rabbbbb…. Konna 7anrooo7 fee dahyaaaaaaa laken rabena sattarrr”

It’s amazing how GOD plan things for us….

                            Love you always,

                                   Rehab Ragaee (gladly writing this mail from Cairo, EGYPT 😉


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