January 29, 2006

wa7da wa7da…tata tata!

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Yesterday was marvelous…


Starting with the amazing “Al Imam Al Shafaii” walk; visiting one of the most peaceful places I’ve ever been to, along with our 3 wonderful tour guides; Camel, Timur, and Hassabo (This is my first time to attend a walk with Hassabo and I must say I so much enjoyed his talented way)…


When a day starts with such beautiful people, it must end perfectly.


So, after this perfect walk I had to run to the Cairo stadium to catch up with the procession heading to Egypt’s critical match with Côte d’Ivoire.


Well, I must say that I’m a crazy football fan. (Yes, it’s true… I’m a female and I’m crazy about football). But yet, in my entire life I haven’t been to a football match except once, in Alexandria stadium where Egypt was playing Vs. Ethiopia in the Burkina Faso-African cup of Nations 1998 qualifying. (The one we won its cup). Egypt won that day 8/1, and my brother told me “Weshek 7elw 3ala el monta7’ab”…


Yesterday was the second time in my life to attend a football match and the first time for me to experience Cairo stadium. It was simply an AMAZING experience… with all these colors, enthusiasm, and passion… All I can say is that I can hardly speak now, for my throat is burning from screaming during the match and all the through the night after it…


The time range between the two experiences is about 8 years. I must say that I truly enjoyed the first time very much, but still, I felt I was an alien somehow with all these different social categories surrounding me… with no sign of girls at all…


But, yesterday was totally different, it felt like I was in a café or a club, I met so many people I know, it felt like… HOME… and I must confess that this made me enjoy it even more…



I badly needed such a day to get out of the tight mood I was living through lately, so I really have to thank you Eman and thank you Camel for encouraging me to join the Cairo walk in this specific timing.



After this 3/1 victory, I started to believe that “Weshy 7elw 3ala el monta7’ab begad” (JUST KIDDING)



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