February 22, 2006

February 2004

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I realized something important today…


Some 2 years ago… in the exact same month… may be a few days before bass… something incredible happened in my life…


Something that changed my life… forever…


2 years ago in Feb 2004… I joined the PTP community…


I’m sure each and every one of us truly appreciates this day. So, basically I don’t want this to appear like a typical post of how proud I am to be a templar…


But, the point is that somehow I have different feelings towards this group of people and the reason is that I’ve been through many hard times throughout the past 2 years and it simply would have taken much more time for me to heal if it wasn’t for you.


Some may think I’m exaggerating a little… might think that I have my real life friends who must have supported me a lot more…


Well… I must say that this is exactly the point I’m talking about… the feeling of warmth from people you barely know… I was overwhelmed by your support and care through specifically 2 critical situations in my life… and I can never be thankful enough…


Anyhow; I don’t wanna make this a long boring email… I’m only sending this because I wanted to thank some of the names that so much affected my life throughout these 2 years with their endless support… although some of them might not even recall that they had any contact with me… but they did… and whether you believe it or not… you left a footprint in my heart forever…



Shaheera Mubarak

Eman Mustafa

Samar el- Kilany


Ehsan Abu Zeid

Hesham el-bendak

Italian Rose

Inji farag

Nile Princess

Nagwane Refaat

Rehab Bassam



Maie Hamdy 



Amani Saied

Khaled Reda


Mohamed El-khatib


… and many other names that I definitely failed to count…


Thank you all for having a part in my life… it’s been an honor…



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