April 20, 2006

Camels on the Roadway!

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My driving license was unfortunately withdrawn a few weeks ago due to breaking the speed limits, so I decided to drive all the way to Maadi through the -trafficked but safe without “legan”- Corniche and “Salah Salem” path rather than “Al-Qatameya” path, until I get my license back. On my way I pass by a place called “3ein el seera”; where a very strange incident happened a couple of times last Sunday and Monday.


It was almost 6:30 p.m.; the traffic is usually very low at this timing, so I was really driving fast -as usual- when all of a sudden I saw CAMELS.


YES! Believe it or not…!


Call it a caravan, a flock or even a train of CAMELS walking on the pavement, filling the roadway, and causing a traffic jam.


They were everywhere that the cars had to stop until they moved to the right a little to clear a narrow lane in the left that can hardly pass a car, in a scene that you can only see in a comic movie, and still say to yourself… “7’ayal el mo7’reg 3aly awy”


The same scene happened the very next day at the exact same time…


I really wonder where they were heading to, and how come this happened in the first place…!


I mean… I’ve been there… this really could have caused terrible car accidents…!


Anyhow, have a nice day…



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