April 26, 2006

Thoughts about Egypt…

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A while ago I was listening to a relatively old song by Mohamed Foaad that he sang in that movie of “ America shika-bika”… the song was talking about the meaning of the word “Homeland”… It was very similar in its meanings to that part of the novel written by that Dr. Ahmed Khaled Tawfik that I posted twice before on PTP; the one talking about Egypt


Both were talking about the tiny little things that form together our everyday life scenarios… and I couldn’t but think… are these the reasons for which I am in love with this country… what if I weren’t Egyptian… would I have really felt this passion towards whatsoever other nationality I had…? I don’t know…


I won’t dig into discussing the meaning of a homeland in general… but would rather think about Egypt itself… what does Egypt mean to me… who is this Egypt that I fall for with this passion, love, and anger…?


Is it Egypt the land, or the people…?


Alexandria, with its tolerant fishermen, or Aswan with its tough upper Egyptians…?


Or is it Cairo with its everlasting crowds and the impossible traffic jam in any hour through the day…?


Is it the natural beauty of the red sea coast…? Or is it the spiritual historical theme of Sinai…?


Is it the kindhearted peasants in the countryside… hardworking from dawn till dusk?  


Is it the smiles exchanged between strangers in the streets…? Or is it the frowning face of a striving governmental employee…?


Is it the loud laughters between friends mocking their own selves…?


Is it the jokes telling and the hysterical laughs…?


Is it the “feeling safe” while walking in the street even if it is 2 am in the morning…?


Is it Ramadan with its lanterns, mesa7araty, and family gatherings at the breakfast time, or is it the feast with its cakes and children playing with bombs in the streets…?


Is it the Egyptian character, with this strange combination of nobility, generosity and virility, yet complete disorder and even ignorance sometimes?


Is it the glorious October war…?


Is it the amazing pharaonic monuments everywhere around the country…? Or is it the spiritual Islamic and Coptic old Cairo …?


Is it the bald-faced youth standing on the corners of the streets waiting for any passing female to sexually harass her… even if it is with just words…?


Is it the streets children…? Or is it the empty-headed spoiled girls…?


Or is it the burned hospitals, the crashed trains, the drowned carriers, and the corruption everywhere…?  


Is Egypt really that beautiful… or is it really that ugly…?

Are Egyptians really that kindhearted… or are they really that indifferent…?

Is Egypt any of this…? Or is it this altogether…?


Just thoughts…






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