August 2, 2006

On the Arab Blood and the six days war…

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My late Dad used to tell me lots of stories about the relapse of the 1967 war, and how terrifying it was, how humiliating it was, and above all, how it felt like in Egypt in those days. The shock that the Egyptians lived in, how they reacted, and how terrible it was when men cried like children. And so, every time I watched any documentary movie about that war or even a few scenes in any movie I used to murmur to myself “Thank you GOD for not making me alive back then… it must have been horrible to live such a lie…”


Even though the 1973 war had definitely recovered that relapse and regained the Arabian dignity… but still – I believe – that no matter what, those who lived that tragedy never got back the same… something was broken in them… and they never again felt like they were before it…


A few days ago, I went to watch the movie of “Haleem”, and when the part of the 1967 relapse started I caught myself crying. When I got out of the movie, I had these thoughts in my mind… that this time I wasn’t crying because of how bitter it felt back then, but instead it’s because of how bitter it feels now… and I thought we’re all heading to the same depression and frustration that Salah Jahin felt after the lie was exposed… that we’re heading to the same relapse… the same pain…  



I’m asking myself the same questions you raised Dr. Mounir… I’m wondering if we’ll ever take the step forward my dear Amani…


I can’t but keep asking, wondering, and praying…







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