November 6, 2006

On the Downtown Charade…

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Well… I have seen it coming indeed I must say…


I even remember I started writing about an incidence I witnessed a few months ago, but I changed my mind after I finished what I wrote, and said to myself… “No I ain’t gonna share this experience… I don’t wanna sound like the pessimistic one who sees the world through some dark glasses…”


But, after the downtown disasters – if I may call it so; I re-thought of the incident I saw back then and decided to share it with you guys…


Here we go…



I never completed it… it’s up to you to put the “Scene Finale”…!



Written on March ’06


Last night I was driving my car in the very next street to Geniena Mall in Nasr City… The streets were very crowded –as usual- and I was driving really slow that the car wasn’t almost moving. So, without intending to, I heard one of the weirdest conversations I ever heard in my life…


There were those 3 guys, in their late twenties, and it was “eqamet al 3esha2” prayer, when one of the 3 friends told the other 2 “yalla nroo7 nesally el 3esha fel game3”.


It was a nice thing to hear regarding that most people hardly ever pray in their homes nowadays, I thought.


The thought almost stopped in my mind before it ended and turned into great amazement of the extremely low level we’re heading to, when one of the other 2 friends said: “ya 3am mesh wa2to, ‘el……’ 7ayemsho”, and for my own surprise the same guy who suggested praying in the mosque replied to his friend “ya 3am ta3ala bass nel7a2 nesaly fel saree3 we lama netla3 7anla2eehom, maho ‘el…..’ merameyeen fel share3… we ba3dein matez3alsh 7ata law meshyo 7anroo7 nezabat 3’erhom fee 7etta tanya”


I was shocked…!


Shocked of the level of behavior… The language used in speaking… (Although this is becoming very common nowadays)


Shocked because those “—–” they were talking about were very normal girls wearing very normal clothes and one of them was even veiled!!!


And what made my shock inflates is the fact that they were heading to do their prayer while acting like this…!


I wonder what they were thinking about while praying…!


What do u think, were they trying to find a way to “yezabato” those girls after they are done with their prayers?


Sarcastic… isn’t it?


I don’t believe it’s only sarcastic, in my opinion this is more dangerous than having some degenerated guys…


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