September 24, 2007

Cairo in Ramadan

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Noise, Chaos, and Tension are the keywords that sadly describe Cairo in Ramadan…


I cannot deny that the three features already exist in almost all other days, yet, I noticed that they dramatically increase during the holy month…


Anyone happened to be in the streets in Ramadan’s rush hours (2 pm – 4 pm) knows what I’m talking about…


The vast number of cars jammed in all vital routes of Cairo… no matter where are you heading to, you’ll get stuck!


The anomalous disorder of these cars movement… yesterday I witnessed a Jeep moving off the street and up to the sidewalk just to gain some meters afar from the cars jam in the streets… A complete mess if I may say!


Not to mention the nervousness people deal with… calling each other by slang names, and even if they didn’t utter the words with their mouths they simply use their cars horns to say whatever they want – something that has become a very normal behavior nowadays even between girls… Hello, I wonder if anybody is fasting out there…!


I apologize in advance for the coming sentence… but, what the hell is going on with people…?


And don’t start talking about the non sense of lack of Nescafe and cigarettes… I’m not convinced that they can cause such a “Hullabaloo”… I’m one of the Nescafe addicts, and the lack of my morning black Nescafe truly causes me a terrible headache… yet, I don’t think I’m acting with this insanity…


I mean, this is really getting on my nerves to the extent that I decided never to leave work before 4 pm just to avoid this hassle in the streets…


Does anyone have an answer out there…?







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