November 17, 2007

The Internet Dilemma

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I’ve always been fond of that old TV program on channel 1 “7adatha fee methl hatha el yawm” and its English version “This day in history”, and may be the nostalgic feeling that invaded me for some time – and still – is the main reason I started to go through the events that occurred in any specific day throughout history and post those I find interesting…


And since the most accessible and wide searching area known now is the internet, so I mainly depend on it in my searches… the steps I do normally are searching for all events in a certain day, pick up the most interesting ones of them, then search widely for further details on the selected events until I get a readable and convincing pieces of info, then post it… However, I noticed more than once that some info that are widely spread on the cyber space are not really that accurate…


Today for example I came across an interesting piece of info that says that November the 15th 1492 is considered the first recorded reference to tobacco noted by Christopher Columbus in his journal… when I started the usual search for further info through other links on the internet, almost 99% of the citations I investigated stated this info in some way or another but without further details, until I reached one or two sites that stated the info with evidences including parts from Columbus notes with dates, BUT the surprise was that this specific event actually happened on October the 15th 1492 and not November the 15th as widely spread on the internet………


I find this seriously dangerous actually… because I know many and many people who mainly depend on the internet in gaining their knowledge… well… Today’s example is not a big deal… but this can happen with a much more vital info… we are simply starting to believe every single word written on the internet… without double checking it or even inspecting its origins…


The internet is the easiest and the most accessible place to search nowadays… and as always… we prefer to take the easy way out… *they* can convince *us* with whatever they want… they can change history, and we will accept it with a smile… and even teach it for the coming generations…


Just to be more clear… I’m not saying that *everything* we come across on the internet is wrong… I’m just saying that we shouldn’t take anything we read on the cyber space for granted… I’m not sure though how can we avoid such a dilemma… But, we can start by trying to get back to books… at least they are more reliable and the sources are always known… what do you think…?


And, as for myself, I think I will keep using the internet as usual, but will simply make sure the info I keep in my mind or pass to anyone is a correct one…



Rou…  On Nov 15, 2007



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  1. […] either ways the internet does not always provide you with correct info, sometimes it is very misleading and one must be very cautious where to search for the true info… and finally, I will, once again, […]

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