November 22, 2007

In reply to “Would You Divorce a Non-virgin?”

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You are questioning culture here ya Camel… culture of men that has been built throughout the years… Even with the fact that many are quite open minded, but beyeego 3and dee we yo2afo! Giving every right for themselves and taking the same rights from women… just because they are women… although ya3ny it’s “7aram” on both genders aslan!


I guess the answer will mostly be a YES even if it’s not publicly said… I assume 98% will divorce their wives if they found out they were not virgins… however, the reason might be a bit different… almost 90% maslan of the 98% will divorce their wives because their “pride” does not accept the idea that “his woman” had been with someone else before him – even if she was indeed with another man before him but had the miraculous famous operation getting her “virgin” again….! The 8% left out of the 98% will divorce their wives too, but not because of the fact that they were not virgins… it’s more because they have been lied to… they were not told the truth about this before marriage… he has the right to know, the right to accept or refuse… following the take it or leave it concept…


I don’t believe that more than 2% will retain their marriage… may be 1% of them kaman 7ayeb2o bass following the concept of not causing a woman a scandal… and only 1% will be convinced that 3ady ya3ny mana kaman 3amlt keda kteeeer….


I’m not defending any or talking against any… I’m only stating my assumption regarding your question and considering the culture of the community we are raised in…..


However, my personal point of view is that… everybody knows what is right and what is wrong… If a girl chose to lose her virginity to someone, then married someone else, it is absolutely his right to know this fact before marriage and decide whether to go for it or not….


Finally, I read the “Chronicle of a Death Foretold” novel… and it’s one of Marquez’s best writings ever!


Have a nice day all,





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