December 1, 2007

Le Chaos

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Yesterday I saw “Heya Fawda” movie; a.k.a. Le Chaos, a film by Youssef Chahine.


My impression goes as follows:


I did not feel any imprint of Chahine in that movie; the film is purely a Khaled Youssef vision. The only touch I felt for Chahine was the scene of Menna Shalaby and Hala Sedky dancing together on the flow of music of Abd el Wahab’s song, along with the other scene when they both danced with Hala Sedky’s son (I don’t know the actor’s name actually) 


The switch into the son’s behavior from being in love with another girl to loving Menna Shalaby was so naïve and did not make any sense…


I liked the idea that the fact that the governmental schools do not really teach English was mentioned in the movie…


The closure of the film could have been much better if it was left open, so that it can include the whole system and community. However, by getting the apprehended demonstrators out of jail, suspending the two officers and making the main character of the movie commit suicide, somehow it gave the impression that the problem is over and that it was only about some corrupted individuals that have eventually paid the price. But, the point is that the whole system and community lives in chaos, and that what should have been left for the spectators to conclude at the end.  



On separate notes,


I wonder why Menna Shalaby keeps taking the roles of being in love with a married man, an engaged one, or someone who doesn’t have any feelings for her…


Needless to say that Khaled Saleh is an outstanding actor!



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