January 10, 2008

The night the Wall came down…

Posted in English at 8:21 pm by Rou...

It was the year of nineteen-ninety, and the Berlin wall was down, and a thousand years regretted, now laid buried in the ground, and the prophets read the future, and the omens all seemed kind, in the classic words of Dickens, it surely was the best of times…


The above words are part of the lyrics of a song named “Sarajevo/This is the time (1990)” sung by Savatage band from their album “Dead Winter Dead” released in 1995. The interesting thing about it is the fact that these particular words were not actually sung… were only written… I don’t know why actually, but anyhow; they somehow keep coming to my mind every now and then…


The moment the song’s words popped into my mind this time, I found myself surfing the internet and digging through many facts regarding the Berlin Wall… and as I did so, I couldn’t help this strange thought of crossing my mind… Was it really the “best of times” for those who witnessed its fall…?


The thought kept flowing into my mind with all possible scenarios until I came across some stories written by some of those who were in Berlin the night the Wall came down… I will share with you some of the words that truly touched me…


The feeling in the air was electric, as if some great force had been let loose, perhaps the greatest example of positive [collective] human will ever see!


We thought it was going to change the world.”


It was only bricks and mortar but was symbolic of years of terror and intimidation.”


We handed out flowers… to all people crossing from the East


For anyone, who didnt experience the Wall, it will be hard to imagine what an overwhelming feeling of relief, of joy, of unreality filled one that this monster was dead, and people had conquered it.


In the dark you could hear the chipping as many Berliners were trying to breakthrough the wall using anything that came to hand.


There were a lot of tears of joy flowing that evening, and no one could help but feel the emotions that filled the air.


What a great lesson that must have been, to be a part of history instead of reading about it.


One of the most interesting words I came across was talking about how people now take it for granted and totally forgot about how it used to be in the time before the Wall came down…


Ironically the social divisions and the psychological “wall in the head” that many of us feel mean that my Eastern relatives (like most Ossies) rarely visit West Berlin anyway.

Even worse, the sense of “solidarity” and “family duty” that used to impel many Wessies to use every opportunity to visit relatives in the East has vanished too.

I know that my family is not the only one that meets each other less frequently now that there is nothing to stop us than when the Wall was up!



What do you think…?


Anyways, I will follow this post with another one stating some facts about the Berlin Wall…



Enjoy the weekend…


Rou… humming another part of the same song “But this is the time… and this is the place… and these are the signs that we must embrace… The moment is now in all history… The time has arrived… This is the one place to be…”








  1. Rehab,
    I definitely agree that we’ve almost completely forgotten about such an important symbol. Coincidentally, before I come across this post, I wrote this:

    Very interesting blog by the way.

  2. Rou... said,

    Raghda, first of all thank you for visiting my blog, and for taking the time to leave a comment over here… am glad you find it interesting…

    I read your post along with other posts on your blog… I so much liked the irony in your words talking about how constuction can be by tearing down something while distruction would be by building it up…

    It’s very true that the Berlin wall showed us many aspects of humans nature (the good and the bad), but what drives my amazement to the top is the fact that the Berlin wall was teared by people… it wasn’t a revolution as of a literal revolution, but… it was actually one…

    It wasn’t an order given… it was the will of the people…

    By the way, “the wall” of Pink Floyd is one of my fav albums ever! 🙂

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