January 11, 2008

Die Mauer ist gefallen!

Posted in English at 10:28 am by Rou...

I promised I would share with you some of the facts about the 28-mile (45 km) barrier that divided Germany’s capital from 1961 till 1989… So, here we go…


The Berlin Wall had been erected in 1961 upon the orders of East Germany’s former leader “Walter Ulbricht” in his attempt to stop people leaving for West Germany (From 1949 till 1961 about 2.5 million people had fled East Germany)


After 1961, the Wall and other fortifications along the 860-mile (1,380-kilometre) border shared by East and West Germany have kept most East Germans in and many of those attempting to escape have been shot dead by border guards.


But as Communism in the Soviet Republic and Eastern Europe began to crumble, pressure mounted on the East German authorities to open the Berlin border, and at midnight of November 9, 1989 East Germany’s Communist rulers gave permission for gates along the Wall to be opened after hundreds of people converged on crossing points.


The Wall was finally breached by jubilant East Berliners, who were met by jubilant West Berliners on the other side, unifying a city that had been divided for over 30 years.


Finally on October 3, 1990 the two Germanys merged to form a new united country.


West German Chancellor “Helmut Kohl” has hailed the decision to open the Wall as “Historic”.



The information I came across ends here…



Have a nice day…




p.s. “Die Mauer ist gefallen!” means “The Berlin Wall has fallen!”







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