February 19, 2008

In reply to the Messege of Hope…

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I was about to fall into the exact same negative trap that everybody seem to be heading to nowadays from all this desperate news we hear everywhere… I was about to fall into frustration… I confess… but I must say that a phone call with Meto, a conversation with Mermaid, Camel’s email followed by Dolfen’s and Radwa’s replies alongside with what I call “wa2fa ma3 nafsy” have made me somehow look at the same negative surroundings from a positive perspective… they say that two people can look at the exact same thing and see something totally different… we can try to do this… we can try to use every negative thing we witness and experience and turn it into a positive action from our side… and throughout such a process we need first to help each other…


There was that inspirational story that I read when I was pretty young and I can’t but recall a phrase of it every now and then… a story about a man who was waiting in his car in the street, when a bum appeared into the scene and sat on a bench near to him… The poor man did not approach him asking for money, he just sat there… So the man looked at him and asked “Do you need any help?”… It was the poor man’s answer that was awesome… he replied with three words… “Don’t we all?”… that’s what the story is about… that we all need to help each others… no matter how much we thought we don’t… or how much we are busy to give help… we should find the time to ask for and to give help to one another and to our community…


The thing is that… Merely nothing of the frustrating surroundings have changed, or will change in a matter of a day or two… in fact, I strongly believe that it will never change without people like us and like many others who truly love this country… we cannot lose hope and fall into this kind of frustration, because simply we are Egypt’s hope… I swear I am not saying some big words we khalas… I know that we may not even be able of watching the effect we are doing to our community in our lifetimes… but we must be sure that we ARE doing something… even if it makes the slightest of difference… I will have to remind you that a complete generation of Japanese people have worked hard and resulted in what Japan have reached afterwards… this generation haven’t enjoyed much of their achievements… the generations that followed are the ones that lived its luxury…


I don’t wanna sound repetitive, so I will end this long (hopefully not a boring stereotype) post quoting something I came across today… it says it all…


A man is offered a tour of Heaven and Hell. First, he sees Hell, in which all the people are trying to eat with giant unwieldy chopsticks. They struggle to pick up food, but can’t get any in their mouths–the chopsticks are too long. All the people there are starving and miserable, constantly tempted by the scent of food but never able to eat. Then he sees Heaven, and is surprised to see the same chopsticks. There, people are feeding each other.


Have a lovely day, full of hope…




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