March 2, 2008

La vie en rose

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Last night I saw the movie “La Môme”; a.k.a. “La vie en rose”…


The movie is sadly beautiful… I never knew that Edith Piaf’s life was filled with such tragedy; a pure melodrama if I may say… It’s hard to believe that Edith didn’t actually have one moment of real happiness in her entire life either as a kid or an adult. I mean… How come such a miserable woman had such an effect in people’s lives as she did…?


Marion Cotillard’s performance was outstanding… and the compositions of the melodies of Piaf’s songs played in the background made the movie even better…


However, the point that kind of confused me was the switches of time frames throughout the movie… It was quite a brainteaser – sometimes – to place each scene in chronological order as the movie jumps around through flashbacks and flash forwards… However, I must say that I perfectly understand its purpose… which makes you feel that even while living through the singer’s days of glory; we never forget what a tortured sick person she would soon turn to be…


On another note, I believe that the movie needed to balance out Edith’s legendary tragic life, with the political surroundings of that time… the movie mainly focused on 2 points; her tragic life, and her love story… As far as I know, Edith Piaf had a great role in helping out with the French Resistance during war… How come such an enriched biography fails to highlight this aspect of her life…?


The scene finale of the movie was brilliant with Piaf’s last hit song “Non, je ne regrette rien!” – which she actually finished her career with – summing up her lifetime experiences, and coming to the fact that even with all the sadness she encountered throughout her life… she never regretted anything…


“La vie en rose” is one of the saddest, yet most beautiful movies I have seen lately… Whether you are an Edith Piaf fan or not, you’ll enjoy it, and when you eventually get out of the movie you’ll realized what a good life you have…


Lovely morning,



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