March 3, 2008

My New Year’s Resolution – Slight Modification

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Those of you who happened to know me know very well what kind of a high-tempered creature I am, and are on familiar terms with the fact that I usually – if not always – wear my heart on my sleeves, which in itself is not a problem, but which of course has the – sometimes – effect of “higher-highs” and “lower-lows” than necessary for my everyday life’s happenings; I wouldn’t call it overreacting, but would rather say I’m a bit, you know, hot-blooded kind of persons…


Be it so, I had to have a stand with myself at the beginning of this year, 2008, to set some things clear in my mind. After applying some mind freeing techniques, I eventually reached a decision that my new year’s resolution this year would be to implement a kind of gratitude and patience in my life on a daily basis, be it with blessings or disappointments, both big and small ones, and to have more faith and belief that there is a good that eventually comes out of anything that happens to me…


I had a look at the calendar this morning, only to realize that we have reached March, and I did not actually apply much of my pledge… I am still – impatiently – having my highs and lows reactions towards life happenings, and I still can’t truly see the “good” that should be coming out of some “bad” things… As I thought of this now, I got really disappointed in myself, so I decided – as I am writing this now – to make a slight modification in my way of fulfilling my New Year’s vow. I mean, I was basically concentrating on figuring out the “good” rather than the belief of its existence, let me rephrase my words then, my new resolution would be that whenever an adversity seems to befall me, I would be calm and patient; I don’t necessarily have to see the “good” it will eventually bring, I only have to believe it does exist, even if I never figured it out…


I am not sure though if this work-around is going to work out perfectly at the end; I guess I’ll have to wait until the coming new year to know if it actually helped me to become a better person… And since I truly hate to give up things without doing my best in reaching them… So, here I am asking you this… If you ever saw me getting, you know, uncontrollably out of hand, remind me of the “good” that lies beneath… please…





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