March 12, 2008

Writer’s block

Posted in English, Reflections at 3:16 pm by Rou...

Do you know what a writer’s block is?


It is this freaky feeling that you have thoughts flowing into your mind and that you should be sketching them into words… but then… whenever you try to do, the words come out meaningless and empty… A bulk of crowded ideas and images fighting to get released from your brains while all you can do is sit wordlessly with a pen in your hand failing to translate them into words…


I am experiencing it for the first time in years… and those untriggered thoughts harshly distort my wits and makes me wonder…

How many books must I inhale before starting to bleed the words out again…?

How much of the world should I consume before my senses resume their functions again…?

When would I be able to break the dam of silenced apathy I am stuck behind…?


I wonder!


Rou… (Figuring out an innovative mindset)



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