April 8, 2008

Do we really need another leader?

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Do we really need another leader?

What an interesting question…


I am not sure how far my analysis is valid, but I think that the lack of an influencing leader is either a massive problem we face or an admission that we do not really need someone to tell us what to be and which way to go, but rather we just need someone to manage.


The other important question that actually rose in my mind as a result of the previous emails was… How do we need our leader to be (in case we needed one)…?


I would say that the 2 optimum characteristics that are required in our leader are; to be a Charismatic type of persons who can easily influence people, and to be an honest one who is capable of achieving our goals and driving us to a safe shore…


But what if you had to choose between a “charismatic” leader and a “capable” one, well… as for myself, I would definitely go for “capable”. See, we already have an experience with a “charismatic” leader who talked much and wasn’t “capable” enough…


The other interesting point that Will highlighted was about our relationship with our leaders… As I finished reading this part of his mail I couldn’t but ask myself… Has our relationship to the leadership concept changed at all?


And the question triggered yet another few questions…


What kind of differences a leader can provide us after the continuous disappointments of the last… I don’t know… let’s say fifteen years?


I mean… should he afford a major shift in the way politics plays out in the Middle East masalan, or should he concentrates in the internal affairs and raising the standard of living? Because… you know when the word “leader” is said… usually it conveys a meaning of some sort of a war leader… Saladin… or whoever…


Plus, is this leader going to unite us as Egyptians or as Arabs… or… I don’t know…?


Another question just popped into my mind while I wrote the above question…?

Would we as Egyptians, ever accept a non-Egyptian leader…? (Regardless of the fact that we have been leaded by non-Egyptians throughout history, because by that time we were already part of another empire…)


And…Why did we reach this stage in the first place…?

My personal opinion would be that it’s because most of the time, we as Egyptians usually don’t see a huge need for change or reform until something goes wrong… and even when this happens we tend to forget about it after a while as long as all is “good”, and we have our jobs and our homes…


So, if this is the case, then what happened to make us seeking a change now…?

Well… the thing is that things have reached a pretty unethical, wasteful, inefficient, and ineffective stage… and by things I mean both government and people…


So…Do we really need another leader?


To tell you the truth, I am not sure we need a leader who is convinced that he, and he alone, has a right vision, as much as we need to trim down the craven of taking any positive step forward… whether it was developing our attitude and ethics, voting, or following the basic rules of living as humans; rules that are even as tiny as standing in line at the cashier in a supermarket!









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