April 15, 2008

How far can you tolerate such books?

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I came across a piece of info regarding a new banned book written by Passant Rashad. Regardless of the book itself, this info triggered an interesting debate between me and Mermaid (a.k.a. Mayyada el Shereef) about how far can we tolerate books that cross lines with religious symbols such as GOD and his prophets, and whether we should go for reading it for the sake of understanding their point of view and their way of thinking, or simply refrain from doing it…


I actually remember when I read Nawal AL Saadawy’s book “الإله يقدم إستقالته في إجتماع القمة” that I got really offended, but the fact is that while I was in the process of writing its review in the banned books series that the book discussion team posted a few months ago, I felt actually thankful… Yes, thankful for my belief that GOD exist and that no matter how much some people try to prove something else, my belief and love for Him simply increase with every trial…


Anyways, reaching that point in our conversation, yet another question was triggered on whether it is right to cross the threshold of a debate with someone holding these beliefs while you cannot really defend yours, or should one avoid such debates unless he is REALLY aware of all points of argument… (to and against)… and is REALLY capable of handling such debate…


What do you think…?


Anyhow; I just wanted to share our thoughts with you guys… Thanks ya Mayo for the mind moving and very interesting conversation… Thanks ya Camel for triggering it…


Lovely day,





  1. Mazen said,

    To begin with…I like ur blog, and ur friends’ (Mayada), but this post stirred something inside I have to reveal. I wanted to write you a long comment somehow but I prefer with a bit development to post it on my blog…linking to ur blog as well.

  2. sleeplessrou said,

    Thank you SO much ya Mazen for your comment… I surfed a while into your blog and truly loved it… It is a pleasure to have you visiting my blog (I just moved to wordpress by the way, and you are the first to leave me a comment in my new blog… so, it’s a double thank you) 🙂

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