May 6, 2008

Egypt is not a place to live in anymore…

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The thing that nobody seems to notice is the fact that the so called “raise” is applied on the basic salary, not the exact monthly income of employees. In other words, if your basic salary is 100LE, but what you actually take monthly is 100 multiplied by a factor (due to badalat we 7awafez… etc…), let’s say 5… ya3ny what you actually take is 500LE. The 30% of the increase in salary will be counted on the 100 not the whole 500… ya3ny the raise will be 30LE not 150LE… ya3ny the final salary after raise will be 530LE not 650LE as most people understand….!


In addition, the taxes are raised… but the taxes are not calculated according to the basic salary, it is calculated according to your monthly income. Hehehee… Tough Luck!


On another note ba2a, the rise of the price of oil is not in itself the problem; by the end of the day you’ll pay 150 LE zeyada monthly masalan… the thing is that the octane rise, the solar rise, accordingly the transportation fees of anything will rise. Thus, all products prices will rise (because the consumer – elly howa e7na – will be charged not only with the product price, but also with the increase of the transportation expenses)…


Eih el akhbar…? Masr bokra a7la…?


Well… Apparently, Egypt is not a place where you can hope for anything… You can only expect the worse, and learn to live with it……………


Saba7 el fol!



Rehab – Angry, Frustrated, and 3ayza ahager!



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