June 5, 2008

We create the Pharaohs!

Posted in English, Reflections, Revolutionary and Politician at 1:56 pm by Rou...

I was having a very interesting conversation with a friend of mine about the current situation of Egypt, how things are going on here and the more important how can we participate in any change to come… and he actually took me aback with his strong belief that this country will never change… and when I asked him why do you believe in this that much…? He said a simple sentence… “We are who we are…”… Not wanting to dig into a tensed mood, we both just – you know – changed the subject…

On my way back home I kept on thinking of his words and without any particular reason they reminded me of a sentence I heard through that TV show “shahed ala el asr”, which was interviewing “Morad Ghaleb”; Egypt’s minister for foreign affairs during Sadat’s ruling period, a few months ago… In one of his talks, Ghaleb said that throughout history only one “Bedouin” man figured out the truth about Egyptians; Amr Ibn El Aas, who ended his letter to Caliph “Omar Ibn El Khattab” describing Egypt (which he headed to during the Islamic Conquests) with one sentence that said: وهي لمن غَلَب…………  


How true!


See, throughout their entire history, Egyptians had been following whosever rules… no matter how much of a corrupted person he is, and no matter how much they suffer during his ruling… they tend to idolize him… just like the Ancient Egyptians did with their Kings…


Tell you what… We create the Pharaohs







  1. Mermaid said,

    I tend to agree and disagree with some of views here ya Rou. I disagree that Egyptians follow whoever rules. Ma we had colonizations… we had King Farouq… and we refused to just succumb to their ruling. But on the other hand, I do not know malna mebalateen fel khatt keda with the current president despite what he, and his “honurable” government, do!

    Another point, not all el sha3b, lil asaf, sees Mubarak as a corrupt guy!!!!!!!!

  2. Mermaid said,

    Satisfied we dreamy?! Mashy 😛

  3. sleeplessrou said,

    Well… I somehow agree with you eno yers we had some revolts and revolutions throughout history… Bass they are not as strong as they should be… e7na te7essy ekda eno we always tend to stay silent as long as all is well, and we have our homes and our jobs… + eno elmasreyeen beyezha2o besor3a… they want fast reults to their revolts… and if the results they wished for didn’t actually happen, they seem to be letting go of the whole thing… until – most of the time – a non egyptian leader come and give a hand… (Muhammed Ali, Saladin, Qotoz and the Mamluks…etc…)…

    byt the way, have a look on Mohamed Radwan’s reply to my post on PTP… it includes many useful information… (althoug he’s against my opinion) 🙂

  4. sleeplessrou said,

    YES… Satisfied… for the first time in years!!!!

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