June 18, 2008


Posted in English, Reflections at 12:36 pm by Rou...

One of the mysterious things about human nature that never fails to surprise me every now and then is the “chemistry” between some people rather than others…

Why do we get along easily with some people, while fail to complete a conversation with others…?

What is it all about, and how does it actually work…?

Is it really some chemical reactions inside of the human body that copes with other chemical reactions in the other’s body…? Or is it merely feelings you immediately get when talking with some people, and fail to feel with others…?

And, when does this pure chemistry turns into something more…?

How and when do you get emotionally involved with somebody…?

And, how can you get attached to someone to the extent of losing control over your life… over your own mood…?

How can your day be subject to the happiness of somebody else…?

How can someone come out of nowhere to mess up with your life and turn it upside down in such a way, while you’re just so happy about it…?

How can you get your own satisfaction from a smile on somebody else’s face…?

I wonder…






  1. Emad said,

    mesh 3aref a2olek eh ya Rou ,
    i think of this many times and find no final results
    i talked with many friends about it and all our talks was questions not answers .. hehe
    Is chemistry provokable ?
    What about contradiction between chemistry and human freedom , are we really free if chemistry leads our relations ??
    lately I had an experience with chemistry , which lead me to lose my best friend and some of my self respect .
    I am just sure of couple of things about chemistry
    first it is unstable so we can’t just rely on it without mind , but we need both and unfortunely in most cases we don’t find both .
    second true chemistry are long term
    finally I am happy for you that you are better , thx god
    cause ur deep thoughts about chemistry meens that are recovering and evaluating .

  2. sleeplessrou said,

    True that chemistry is unstable, but this is in case it did not cross the borders of a mere “crush”… but if you actually crossed this line that separates a “crush” from getting “emotionally involved”… then it becomes more stable… may be not more mature, but definetly more stable…

    i couldn’t agree more with you regarding the need of mind aside to chemistry… bass i cannot deny eno sometimes chemistry just takes the lead on its own… without the mind…

    Finally, 3ayza a2olak eno whatever was the experience you had to go through, be sure that by all means it can never make you lose ur self respect, bcz it is not subject of loss aslan ya Emad… May be you got hurt, embaressed, or more… but this doesn’t mean your self respect is affected my dear friend!

    Let’s just hope for the better… Rabena yekrem!

  3. Mermaid said,

    Chemistry…mmm…. well, as much as it is just amazing losing control… not understanding what is happening…. acting crazy… BUT… lilasaf, I learned through experience not to trust chemistry! 😦

    I wish I were less sane and rational 😥

  4. sleeplessrou said,

    you can’t fully trust chemistry ya Mayo… Mind has to put the guideline on which chemistry should move… or else, it can lead to somewhere you don’t want to reach……..

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