June 28, 2008

Like a Falling Star…

Posted in English, Reflections at 5:58 pm by Rou...

Funny how time change people… not only their looks… but their spirits as well…


I was shocked when I had a look on a picture that was taken almost 5 years ago during my elder brother’s wedding…

I was shocked from the physical change that caught the four people in the picture, and I was shocked even more from the fact that 5 years had actually passed…

How come that one fails to feel the passing years in such a way…?

How come I cannot feel the age…?

Or… Am I trying not to feel it…?!


I had a look at the picture over and over again and subconsciously I found myself touching my face with the palm of my hand, examining every tiny detail with my fingers as if making sure that every part is still in its correct place… or so it seemed…


And again and again I stared at the picture and with a blink of an eye I seemed to be seeing faces that I haven’t seen for years… and hearing voices that I haven’t heard for years… for without intending to, that picture took me back in time and into another world… and without intending to, it reminded me of laughters and dreams… of hopes and prayers…


Someone told me once that just as the ability to forget is a bless, the ability to remember is another bless… and that a tiny thing such as a picture can easily remind you of one moment of your life where you were actually happy, and it satisfies you for hours… 

But, this time as I moved the picture away, I couldn’t resist the thoughts… and I just wondered…

Where had those dreams gone…?

When had my life turned to that cold deserted wooden cottage…?

Where had the old days ran to…?


Am I being nostalgic again…?

May be I am… For it seems to me that such melancholy and longing to the old me never vanish… and I keep thinking… that… who knows… may be I would some day glow again… for a while… before I eventually fade away…


Just like… the falling star…


Falling Star 



June 28, 2008




  1. ah ya Rou .. Tell me about it !

    Sigh ****

  2. sleeplessrou said,

    Yes ya Dido… isn’t it sad!

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