July 6, 2008

I am Polly!

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For quite some time the way I used to think, act, or react, was in some way or another related to “Polly Whittaker”; Diana Wynne Jones’s main character in her novel “Fire and Hemlock”… I wouldn’t exaggerate and say that my everyday life had been like hers… But, her overall character amazingly matches some parts of mine…


See, Polly was a girl who lived more in her imagination than in reality… something that I absolutely did for quite some time in my childhood and teenage stages (and I wouldn’t be lying if I said that I still do this every once in a while… not as much as before though)… Polly loved inventing and imagining stories, people, new worlds with different situations and scenes… and so did I… Sometimes I used to do this as a way out of boredom, sometimes because I believed myself to be “too different to cope with normal people” (notice here the awkwardness of my teenage years’ way of thinking)… other times I lived in my imaginary world so as to get out of the real tough world surrounding me…


Although I do not relate to Polly in her exact life happenings such as her parents’ marriage breakup, or having “Tom”, her adventures partner, erased from her memory for instances… but I have one important thing in common with her beside what I mentioned above; that scary habit of having imaginary scenes coming true… dreaming of something then experiencing something very similar to it; whether it was good or bad… something that whenever happens I call it a déjà vu experience! J


Bottom line, she is the most fictional character I ever related to… so yes, I am Polly! J




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