August 16, 2008

What if…?

Posted in English, Movies Reflections at 4:22 pm by Rou...

A few days ago I watched “The Family Man” movie starring Nicolas Cage and Téa Leoni… A film that was screened about 8 years ago, but I never got the opportunity to watch it except last Thursday on mbc 2…


Generally speaking I loved Cage’s acting in portraying the character’s confusion and evolving throughout the movie. His struggles from realizing that he has left his high class business life for a simple family life were interesting and heartfelt…


Aside from the main theme of the movie which is about a person who is rich in material objects but lacks more important things, such as being surrounded by people who care about him and having someone to love, the movie triggered much more important thoughts in my mind…


To have a glimpse on another life you could have had… have you ever had that dream…? Does the “what if…” question pops into your mind every now and then…?


I always tend to enjoy the idea of different perceptions of other lives one could have lived if only certain things happened at certain times… different decisions were taken… or different routes were taken… like the case with “The Butterfly Effect” and “Sliding Doors” movies… With all due respect to the difference plots of the three movies… but the one thing they hold in common is the different tracks that your life might have had… if only…


“The Family Man” is one of those thoughtful movies that leaves you pondering of what you really value in life, makes you reconsider your own life, and think about what is really important to you… It makes you question your success and your happiness with a different perspective, and you can’t help but wondering whether your life is consistent with your values… or are you just… another big mouth…


The movie tagline says… “What if you made different choices? What if you said yes, instead of no? What if you got a second chance?”


What if…?



Rou… Questioning her life decisions…



  1. teared apart said,

    Yeah….what if?! It’s the most annoying and self torturing question one can ask…a question that all ur existance would vanish when it comes to this 2 silly words..but you know what…the most wonderful,important,amazing things in our life come once in lifetime and this means no second chances….
    Stop questioning your decisions…do you really there is still turning back?Anyway,gald to have you back…..

  2. sleeplessrou said,

    it’s always a pleasure to have you commenting on one of my notes… do u know that? 🙂

    Well… I agree with you gedan… in fact I am not a big fan of this question… hate it when i ask it to myself… but sometimes you cant help asking it… sometimes you cant help wondering what kind of life you could have lived,… if only…

    it’s not healthy… but it does happen… sometimes…
    specially in those times when u r REALLY down…

    Anyways… Lovely evening 🙂

  3. teared apart said,

    I’m glad that my comments don’t bother you, I have always loved your personality and i consider your words as the window to look into your soul.
    I had this idea when i read this note your wrote, what if tomorrow never comes,,,it’s the same what if question but this one is much harder to answer.I think all our what ifs shouldn’t be asked but only this one…every chance we wasted,every love we lost,every thought we didn’t write,every sin we did…we only need to ask ourselves what if tomorrow never comes?!!
    My best Wishes….

  4. sleeplessrou said,

    ok… i just arrived work after a very exhausting sleepless night – as usual – and your words are the first thing I read… and I just am… stunned!

    Yea I have thought of it keteer… But in fact this is my first time to write those words…

    What if tomorrow never comes… what if this word I write is my last…? what if that smile I smiled to my friend yesterday was the my last…? what if that kiss to my mother was my last…? what if that hug to my brother was my last…?

    And the more important, What if I didn’t have enough time to be the better person I am trying to be…? What a tough thought!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts….

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