August 21, 2008

Egypt Air’s Microbus!

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Today at 11 am, my sister in law and nephew were supposed to be leaving on Egypt Air’s plane heading to Dubai to meet my elder brother…


At 10:15 am I called her to say a last goodbye not expecting what I heard…


Arrab ba2a wesma3 this news…

Egypt Air is turning into a microbus… the plane is full, and more than 20 people who have tickets in their hands (not on waiting lists) had no place on it!!!!!


Don’t you feel we are talking about a “soo2” here bardo?

Asl I felt so while she was telling me what’s going on… Elnass betetkhane2 to find a place…and no one gives an explanation to the situation… I fell under the impression that she’s talking about maw2af abd el men3em reyad masalan not Cairo International Airport!


Nobody understand what happened… whether they sold tickets more than the airplane’s capacity… wala wasayet masalan fa they let people on waiting list enter badal nass… wala eih bezabt!!!


Finally, they said they will “try” to let those 20 people take tonight’s trip at 10 pm…


“Try” for God’s sake!


I really don’t know what to say! Ma7na law we are being treated as human beings, kan etrafa3 3aleihom adeya!! Bass what can I say… fe balad failed to put down a fire in one of the most important buildings of its government!


3amar ya Masr!



Keda keteer!




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