August 22, 2008

Dies slowly he who……….

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One of my best best friends sent this to me today… I am so thankful he did, in this particular time… It acted like a “shaddet wedn”… and a reminder that there’s a life out there somewhere waiting for me to live it…

Here we go!


Dies slowly he who transforms himself in slave of habit,
repeating every day the same itineraries, who does not change brand,
does not risk to wear a new color and doesn’t talk to whom doesn’t know. 
Dies slowly he who does not overthrow the table when he is unhappy at
work, who does not risk the certain for the uncertain
to go toward that dream that is keeping him awake.
Dies slowly he who does not travel, does not read,
does not listen to music, who does not find grace in himself.



Dies slowly he who passes his days complaining of his bad luck.



Dies slowly he who abandons a project before starting it,
who does not ask over a subject that he does not know
or who does not answer when being asked about something he knows.



Dies slowly he who does not share his emotions, joys and sadness,
who does not trust, who does not even try.



Dies slowly he who does not relive his memories
and continues getting emotional as if living them at that moment.



Dies slowly he who does not intent excelling,
who does not learn from the stones of the road of life,
who does not love and let somebody love.



Let’s avoid death in soft quotes,
remembering always that to be alive demands an effort much bigger
than the simple fact of breathing.



 – Pablo Neruda



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