August 24, 2008

On people’s reactions towards Shoura Council combustion…

Posted in English, Reflections, Revolutionary and Politician at 4:19 pm by Rou...

With a huge incident such as the Shoura Council blaze that occurred last week, it was so much expected from my side that this would be “7adeeth elmadeena” for some time… But, to my own surprise, it was not, as if it is normal ya3ny to have the parliament on fire…


However, what was even more disappointing for me was people’s reactions towards this tragic scene… I have heard many comments starting from: “ya reithoam kano gowah we kan walla3 feehom we khelesna” and ending with “yalla, fe 60 dahya, 3o2bal magles elsha3b wala 2asr masr el gedeeda”… to the end of a shocking list of comments that reflects the amount of hatred and indifference people had reached…


The sad thing about this actually is the fact that those comments were not only said by ignorant people or poor ones… but were rather uttered by very well educated and cultured people…


Talking with a good friend of mine yesterday and explaining how disappointed I am from people’s reactions, he told me that may be I am the one who’s living in utopia… because such reaction was expected, since the place that got burned, merely represented the ugly face of the system and did not represent Egypt… I disagreed gedan on this way of thinking… because even if this place had been for so long – and will remain still for only GOD knows how long – representing Egypt as a “system” and not as a “country”, but still, supposedly, it should be representing Egypt’s face, and by such burn, this same face had been subject to a very harsh slap, and there’s nothing to be happy about in this… and even though I perfectly understand people’s anger from the whole surroundings which eventually lead to their gloating on anything that may bother this same “system”… but I do not accept it…


I understand yes… but I do not accept…


Anyways, such reactions, along with my conversation with my friend last night, reminded me of a question that was triggered between me and another 2 close friends of mine less than 2 weeks ago… the question was… what if a war happened tomorrow? Would people actually care to fight for their country and die for it?


I was arguing that day that it goes without saying that Egyptians would fight for their homeland, and do anything possible and reach beyond the impossible to retain its dignity… My friends however were a bit not sure about this anymore, and were somehow going for the idea that unfortunately people do not consider Egypt to be “their country” anymore… thus will not fight for it with the amount of faith and devotion I was talking about…


I remember I argued a lot that day to prove my point of view…

But, after what I saw of people’s reaction towards the Shoura Council blaze… I started to doubt my own way of thinking… and this whole happenings left me wondering if my belief of Egyptians love to their country (no matter how bad the surroundings are or how down and frustrated they feel) is still valid…


I really don’t know…


Rabena yostor!






  1. Eman M said,

    ya rou, hatred and anger are in our hearts khalas for all the egypt controlers yes.. and yes.. i really wish en el nowab kano gowa yewla3o feha, w i really wish en asr masr el gededa yet7er2
    i am ignorant, cultures .. whatever you wanna say .. bas lelasaf el sheded this is the truth we are living in khalas.
    I love Egypt, as a land, as a home, as my family, my friends, my work, the streets .. etc
    but when it comes to political belongings, ya rab yewla3o .. 3ashan it is Enough of them!

  2. sleeplessrou said,

    Ya Emmo… I do hate them too… more than you can imagine… and I do not have any political belonging dear……. and it’s indeed enough of them….. and I’m not in a place to judge you by any means… You are definetly not ignorant… and as I said in my post… i perfectly understand why everybody reached this phase… but this is not the way I think that’s all….

    Anyways…. Apparently nobody understands what I mean… 🙂 fa seebek!

  3. teared apart said,

    If you talking about the historic value of this building i agree with you it’s a waste and this building should have been turned into a musuem long ago…but if you talking about this building as a representitive of the system then Hell with it and the system…

  4. sleeplessrou said,

    Awalan 3awdon a7mad, been a few days since you honored me with your comments on my posts…

    thaneyan… I definetly agree with u that such an amazing building should have been turned into a touristic site…

    Finally, again I will say eno no body seems to understand what am talking about… fa bardo seebak enta kaman… (by the way, ana bardo ba2ool to hell with the system…….)

  5. teared apart said,

    The honor is always mine dear Rou….

  6. Mermaid said,

    Well, you already know I agree with you on your views in this post. I just wanted to tell you that you should not doubt your faith that people would fight.. because … they would.

  7. sleeplessrou said,

    I hope they would… and i pray things would get better… ya Rab!

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