August 27, 2008

On my data loss paranoia…

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Well… I must confess that I used to be paranoid when it came to data loss… so I used to – hysterically – back everything up to several different places, copies of everything on CDs, portable HD, different places on the same HD… etc…


However, a few years ago something really… I don’t know… funny I guess happened resulting in a self-caused data loss… I was working on my graduation project documentation, and after a long tiring night I mistakenly copied the backup over the original, rather than the original over the backup, and when I opened the file the following day none of my changes were there!


At that time, having a few days left for the discussion day, that was the worst nightmare that could ever happen to me! But, thanks GOD, I was lucky enough that day that I was actually applying some changes that our supervisor requested that were noted on a hard copy, so it wasn’t that much of a creative job, but was basically about concentrating on those notes and elaborating on their correspondent points in the document. And when the discussion day arrived, everything went just fine, with a distinguished grade kaman…


Nonetheless, there had always been that feeling at the back of my mind that what I’ve done that second round wasn’t as good as the first one, because I’ve rushed in doing it since I was already running out of time for printing their hard copies. But, when I started thinking about what would have happened if I had lost something really creative that could never be retrieved and had to be done from scratch, I just stopped and thought that may be it was for the better… I mean, sometimes when doing things for the second time, you just add a new taste to it keda! (I actually remembered this same incidence during our book discussion with Makawy Saeed, who said that he lost all what he wrote in his first written version of the novel when the guy who was editing it had to format the HD without taking a copy, and lost the handwritten copy. Makawy said he had to write it all over again, yet he is so glad he did because he added parts that he wasn’t intending to write about, and it eventually proved to be of a great amendment!)


The thing I’m sure of is that this particular incidence made me lose me backup hysteria… to the extent that years later, I nearly lost all my data when my desktop’s processor crashed, and I didn’t get the opportunity to move stuff that were collected in years from the old hard disk to my laptop…


And in fact, I’m glad I didn’t, because sometimes, some things have to be left behind… and one has to move on…


Wala eih?



Yalla, Lovely Afternoon,




  1. teared apart said,

    I wish i can lose this habbit of backing up all my data,i even thought of buying a safe in a bank where i would keep one large storage HD to store all my life there…i find it crazy idea to store all life moments in one HD,,but this thought never leave me…lol

  2. sleeplessrou said,

    :D:D:D gamda awy mawdoo3 a safe in a bank dee… awel marra asma3ha 😀

    Howa tab3an ana ba3ayat sa3at 3ala kamm el7agat el lost lama afrtekerha (specially that i had about 30 GB of unique music ra7o ma3 elly ra7 fe 67… bass aho… magatsh 3ala dee ya3ny 🙂

    Thanks for passing by!

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