September 19, 2008

As Cheesy as Always!

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As repetitive as this might sound, I will keep saying it over and over again… I really really do hate this enormous number of TV series that invades Ramadan’s days…


I’m not only getting offended by their number, I’m also much offended with the fact that on a daily basis everybody around (colleagues, friends, family…) seems to be talking about scenes from the previous day’s episode… Although I haven’t seen any of them (I am not a TV fan, specially in Ramadan), but it’s really provoking to me to see people talking about what happened with Khaled Saleh, the “University student”, in his love story, or what was the “37 years old” Yousra wearing…


I was talking with a good friend of mine yesterday about how much this is not only abusing the spirit of Ramadan, but even more that such unrealistic characters under-estimate the audiences’ minds… He laughingly said that it’s very true, and then moved into an interesting point about some of those actors who had – supposedly – reached their “expiry dates”, nevertheless are still taking roles that does not suit their age or their looks or whatsoever… The question was “Why does this case happen with TV and not with Cinema movies…?”… The thing is that television, in contrast to cinema, doesn’t give a valid indicator on people’s opinions in a particular work, thus giving TV series’ producers a fake visionary on how much a specific actor/actress or a specific TV series is successful… and it ends up that we are stuck with the same actors playing the same idealistic roles for years and years…


And speaking of impractical roles… why is it always an ideal woman role who seeks justice and truth, and teach ethics to everybody around her, that Yousra, or Samira Ahmed, or whosever, always seem to play…


Why does it always has to be that cheesy and that naive…


I mean, for God’s sake, are we really facing that lack of creative ideas…?




Enjoy the weekend! (Afar from TV if possibleJ)




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