October 10, 2008

From Malaysia to Emirates… Ya 2alby la te7zan…

Posted in English, Places, Reflections at 5:13 am by Rou...

I am having a very long vacation… took off to Kuala Lumpur; Malaysia on the first day of Eid, spent 6 days there, then headed to Dubai and Sharja; Emirates… I’m still there actually and hopefully will be back by October the 17th…


Well… I just wanted to write down my impressions regarding the two places… So, here we go…


For me, Kuala Lumpur, or “KL” as commonly known, brought together Malaysia’s past and present… Its many constituent cultures, remarkable natural treasures resembles a past that meets KL’s present through its lively streets, and its shining, modern office towers… allowing its visitors to see Malaysia as a whole, symbolizing not only its great heritage, but also its crystal-clear leap into the future…


In the Orchid Garden, the Deer Park, the Bird Park, the Butterfly Park, and many other parks of the “Lake Gardens”, one experience a supreme beauty and variety of Malaysia’s plants and animals, while in the energetic “Central Market”, crafts, and cultural practices from all around Malaysia and its neighborhoods can be explored and experienced…


One amazing place is the “Batu Caves” with the incredible 42.7 meters high statue standing at its entrance. The site actually consists of many caves; the biggest of them is well worth the climb of the 272 steps… The caves are all full of amazing statues and paintings, with a numerous monkeys everywhere around you… While, on the other hand, the view of the blue dome (which is one of the largest in the whole world) of Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque, better known as the “Blue Mosque”, was stunning…


Then again, with a height of 451.9 meters, “Petronas Twin Towers”, which was once the world’s tallest building, rise above the skyline of Kuala Lumpur, and indubitably symbolize the amazing growth that has taken place in Malaysia over the last two decades… The best view for the Twin Towers is from the “KLCC Park”… In addition, the night view of the whole city in general and the Twin Towers in particular from the revolving restaurant of “KL Tower” was just… superb…


With the sky above you and a tropical rainforest below, taking the ride of the Skyway all the way up to reach the magnificent hilltop city of “Genting Highland” was a one good experience… I have tried the skyway before in Bursa of Turkey but, I don’t know, for some reason this one felt much more fun…


There were actually much more places to visit and things to do, but unfortunately I didn’t have enough time… was planning to make it to the nearest island which is called “Langkawi”, but couldn’t due to some time constraints… however, I enjoyed it big time, and I must say that Malaysia’s typical tropical climate of a hot, humid, and heavy raining weather, made the whole experience even better…


So, anyway, I reached Dubai on October 7th…


And… to tell you the truth… I didn’t like it at all… It’s my first time here, and am not sure actually if this is because I just arrived from the beautiful nature of Malaysia, or is it because this city is seriously without a soul…


So far in Dubai, I had a quick tour around it, a view of its most famous buildings; Burj Dubai, Borg ElArab, and many other Skyscrapers… I also went to Ibn Batouta… which was somehow nice; resembling all the places that the great explorer visited during his journeys… In Sharja, I had a beautiful walk on its Corniche for a while, which was very nice actually with the beautiful palms all around you…


I know that many Dubai fans will disagree with me, but seriously I cannot feel anything towards it… so far… (and I doubt I ever will)


Anyway, I still have a week left here, ama neshoof…



Have a lovely day,





One of the most stunning scenes I came across in Malaysia was 2 “عمال نظافة” seriously cleaning up the garbage baskets with water and SOAP in a public garden early in the morning…………… and I couldn’t but remember the sad scene of the very same baskets in Egypt’s streets… full of unbearable and smelly garbage…


* Photos by Rou…



  1. It’s amazing that the Malaysians use water and SOUP to clean garbage containers. What kind of soup was it? Clam chowder? Vegetable soup? Adas?

    Or did you mean.. .soap?

    Sorry, couldn’t resist! 😉

    By the way, I disagree totally about Dubai as I have been there numerous times. It’s unlike any place I have ever visited. I do agree though that it does not have a “soul” because it’s simply a melting pot of many nationalities with little “Emirati” influence. After all, they only number around 400,000 out of 4 Million total in the UAE. They got lost in the shuffle. But that was planned.

    Enjoy your stay. Make it fun..


  2. Rou... said,

    Hahaha… awalan thanks a lot for passing by and for leaving your comment 🙂

    Thanyen, obviously it was a mistyping… it’s SOAP not SOUP 😀

    Thirdly, welll…. As I said, I have been here for only 3 days so far… who knows, may be I will change my mind after a while… I’m going today to Dubai Festival CIty, or may be Mall of the EMirtates… we neshoof ba2a…

    Asl kaman, I am not a “shopping” kind of persons… fa you understand how I feel ! 🙂

    Thanks again!

  3. teared apart said,

    Enjoy your time and return safely…miss your writings!!

  4. Mermaid said,

    I probably would feel the same as you towards the two places 🙂 I’d adore Malysia and hate Dubai.

    Yalla, when you come inshallah show me ALL the pics you took in Malysia 🙂

    Miss you awy awy awy…

  5. Rou... said,

    Teared Apart… Thank you…

    Mermaid, my sweetest friend… I am damn sure you’d love Malaysia and Hate Emirates… you can’t even imagine what a soul-less place it is…
    I miss you more begad! and believe it or not… after staying here in dubai for a while, i discovered that i am missing egypt…

  6. Mermaid said,

    “Missing Egypt”? 😀 😀 😀 This makes me even happier than when you said you miss me 😀 You what I mean, dearest 😀

    Egypt misses you gedan.. it is different without you here, you know 😦

  7. Rou... said,

    howa ana am missing egypt moqaranatan be emirates… bass taban tab3an tab3an Malaysia teksab :P:P

  8. Mermaid said,

    ha3odek ya 7ayatyyyy 😀

  9. Zee Puppette said,

    Dubai is boring.

  10. Rou... said,

    Indeeeeed! 🙂

  11. Remanan said,


    Thanks for including the photo of the statue of Hindu God Murugan !


  12. Rou... said,

    You’re welcomed 🙂

  13. love the garbage bin part

  14. Rou... said,

    The scene was catching 🙂

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