October 14, 2008


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“Love is patient… Love is kind…

It does not envy… It does not boast…

It is not proud… It is not rude…

It is not self-seeking…

It is not easily angered…

It keeps no record of wrongs…


Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth…

It always protects…

Always trusts…

Always hopes…

Always perseveres…”


— From the Holy Bible, also featured in “A walk to Remember” movie



  1. nerro said,


    It always protects
    always trusts
    always hopes
    always persevers

    amen to that.

  2. Mohamed Khaled said,

    You have forgot to mention the most important thing about it.Love can also destroy you from the isnide if not handled right. Love is great for those who are fortunate to keep it. but once lost. it is twice the hell as is it was a heaven before!!!

  3. Rou... said,

    A sigh back ya Nerro…….. Bass law el nass tefham the true meaning of how love should be……………..

  4. Rou... said,


    I kinda disagree with you… for I do not believe that Love can destroy you… even if it is lost… One must always feel grateful tht for at least once in his lifetime felt the beauty of love… Some live and die without experiencing such amazing feeling…

  5. teared apart said,

    There are many forms of love and the greatest form is the love to give, but only one love form can destroy you (we all know what i mean) the problem is many poeple talk about love like they truley know all about it, i really hope they do understand love but the truth about us is that we always talk like we know all but really experienced nothing and even if we experienced we still believe we have figured it all out….i don’t know all about love but i keep asking myself why do we love if love will die?!!Good Luck to you all!!

  6. Rou... said,

    I agree with you that the greatest of all is giving… without expecting a thing in return… but you know… the human nature always expect something in return… even if that something would be an apperciating look… 🙂

    I also agree with you that ppl usually talk about things as if they know all about it… while they actually do not…

    Anyways, thanks for passing by! and best of luck to you too…

  7. Zee Puppette said,


    I think love is selfish. I think when a person loves, they love not for the sake of the other person, but for the feeling they give you when you love them. And as much as I wish that the quote u’ve used is true, I don’t think it exists. And i don’t think that *understanding* what love is would make a person capable of this kind of love. I certainly believe in love as an emotion, certainly. But the kind of love you’re talking about here…too much utopia. But that’s just me.

  8. Rou... said,

    Even though I agree with ur saying… let me quote u: “for the feeling they give you when you love them”, but I dont c this selfish… becasue true love doenst take without giving back… giving even more without expecting anything in return… may be just the apperciation and not being taken for granted will do it… at least for me 🙂

    As for its existance… well… unfortunately, i havent met it… and may be I never will… bass I cannot lose faith that it exists…

    too much utopia…? hmmmm… I dont think so…
    who knows…..

    Thanks for passing by! 🙂

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