October 17, 2008

On Clowns…

Posted in English, Reflections at 9:14 am by Rou...

Yesterday I saw an extremely naïve and technically bad movie about the usual stereotype of some aliens invading planet earth, having a non human shape (as usual bardo)… but the thing is that they had the look of Clowns this time…


By all means, am not going to discuss how awful the movie was, particularly being a typical early 80s production (7ayso el daya3 el aleem)… It’s just that having those aliens with the looks of clowns had triggered that old thought of how bizarre clowns are in my mind again… I mean… I don’t know… I always hated clowns…


As a little child, I never found it amusing to watch someone with such a big smile on his face all the time… it always made me feel like am standing in front of a fake creature who’s pretending all the time… and I always wondered what lied behind that fake smile… Talking with my intimate friend about this once before, she said… “It might be funny watching a Clown in a circus… but did you ever wonder how it would feel like to wake up in the middle of the night to find him smiling at you under the moon light…?” … It’s damn scary, don’t you think… that same silly smile on his face is really… creepy…


Anyways, as I grew up, I somehow tended to pity clowns, or in other words, pity that someone who’s acting as a clown… thinking of how hard it is on him to “supposedly” make people laugh all the time, even in his bad times… Something that is really difficult; easier said than done…


While writing this now, I remembered that I was very touched by a painting I saw in Alexandria years ago resembling a sad Ballerina sitting with a Clown standing behind her comforting her… I remember that I stood before that painting for quite some time that day with only one thought on my mind… Can that scene be inverted? Can the Clown be the one who’s sad and crying, while the Ballerina comforted him….? And how would it look like to see a Clown’s tears…..? Would that fake smile on his face finally disappear with his tears…? Or would it remain still, giving the most sarcastic look that can be given……..?


Anyways… Just Thoughts…


Lovely Weekend,

Rou… (Heading to Dubai Airport in an hour isA…)




  1. lobna said,

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  2. teared apart said,

    No matter what happens,
    No matter what you do,
    I hope that you will stay the same.
    I hope you’ll always be you.
    God made you special,
    No one can take that away.
    So when the problems call
    And the darkness falls,
    Never forget that someone cares about you.
    Never forget your dreams;
    They aren’t as far away,
    As you might think they seem.
    Let nothing get you down,
    And when the times get rough,
    Simply smile like a circus clown.

  3. Rou... said,

    I read this somewhere zamaaaaan…..
    Thanks for sharing! I really needed it!

  4. Zee Puppette said,

    Come to think about it…are clown really happy, cheerful people??
    It’s all make up, right? that huge smile is only the mouth’s shape glorified.
    I think clowns – or people behind the clown’s character – may be the most miserable people ever.
    Imagine you have to smile n pretend to be happy all the time.
    oh the pain.

  5. Rou... said,

    Welll…. they’re not neccessary miserable… but they are not as happy as they may seem to be…

    The act of pretending all the time, is not only stressing, and painful… but… it’s more of consuming keda…

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