November 16, 2008

Is this a practical version of “عايز حقي” movie…?

Posted in English, Reflections, Revolutionary and Politician at 1:47 am by Rou...

I’m sure you heard about this… “thing”… that Gamal Mubarak announced a few days ago…


برنامج إدارة الأصول المملوكة للدولة لنقل ملكية أسهم شركات قطاع الأعمال العام المملوكة للدولة للمواطنين المصريين دون تفرقة بينهم مع توفير ذلك الحق لكل من يبلغ 21 عاما وللمصريين داخل مصر وخارجها


Alright, for a starter, I do not understand ANYTHING…


When I first heard about it, I had this sarcastic thought in my mind that this is a practical version of Hany Ramzi’s movie: “عايز حقي”… and as I was watching now the Egyptian Minister for Investment, Mahmoud Mohey elDin in “العاشرة مساء” TV show talking about it, I couldn’t understand it even more… I mean… I dunno… I am really bad with economic stuff, so may be after all it’s my ignorance that is causing me this confusion…


He keeps on saying “فكرة توسيع قاعدة الملكية” as an answer to the endless question of “WHY is the government doing it now!?”… I can’t really understand this, I mean… Wasn’t the whole “خصخصة” thing that started back in the early nineties all about “توسيع قاعدة الملكية”…?


So, what’s the difference now…? And why in this critical timing when no economic system in any country can take such a risk…? Or is it because the international economic crisis had affected their ability to “يخصخصوا” the remaining companies to foreigner investors, so they decided to take this step, which will make them… mmm … “يخلصوا زمتهم” by giving people “money”, which is as per his talk today a few hundreds, thus later remove subsidies on basic goods…


Seriously, I don’t understand… This is all very confusing to me…

If anyone can give me a better explanation to this whole thing, I would appreciate!






  1. I wish I had an aswer for you !! me also dont understand the THING behind this announcement … I always say
    أكيد في إن

  2. Rou... said,


    enna! 🙂

  3. Ali said,

    well , I wish I could explain it more CLEARLY than you did 😀
    the thing is , it’s meaningless , that is it , using a new economic system that nobody can understand 100 % is the most successful system to use with a SPECIAL society as ours ..
    or else , I’m stupid , and it’s totally accurate and clear 🙂


    your blog is really nice by the way , I like your style ..


  4. Rou... said,

    Ali… First of all thanks a LOT for passing by my blog, and for your kind words… Am honored… I had a quick b=view keda to your blog, and it’s lovely begad!

    You’re not stupid, or else, we all are… because apparently, nobody understands anything about this “Thing”…

    As for your suggestion… you know… law elwa7ed yedman eno da 7al kan 3amalo…. it’s already sold…. very true indeed…. Rabena yostor ba2a!

  5. teared apart said,

    Welcome back ya Rou…The idea they trying to do is to give the poeple their share of the country in the form of stocks,The most of the egyptians will sell theirs stocks because actually they need real money for their everyday life,and they will sell it much cheaper than it really worth,so what seems like they giving the eguyptians their share of the country is really a trial to buy the country at much cheaper price…so what was proven to the whole world in the last economic crisis that the economic system is complete failure and they should change,here in egypt we decided to expand the failure..
    شوفت الحال بلدي بتنباع…و لا عزاء للمصريين لأننا منستهلهاش

  6. Rou... said,

    Hehe… very interesting analysis…

    Walahy howa elwa7ed mayestab3edsh 7aga 3anhom…!

    Zaman, I used to say eno this is the worst, and we can’t see anything worse… but it tunred out I was VERY NAIVE… the worst is still to come…

    E7na ray7een 3ala fein… only God knows…

    Rabena yostor!

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