January 8, 2009

In the loving memory of… you…

Posted in English, Poetry Selections at 11:30 pm by Rou...

I can’t believe 3 years had passed since I last heard your voice… saw your smile… slept in your arms… Only God knows how much I miss you… and how much I pray you’re in a better place…


In the loving memory of my father… I share this with you…





“Dad…so many images come to mind
whenever I speak your name;
It seems without you in my life
things have never been the same.


What happened to those lazy days
when I was just a child;
When my life was consumed in you
in your love, and in your smile.


What happened to all those times
when I always looked to you;
No matter what happened in my life
you could make my gray skies blue.


Dad, some days I hear your voice
and turn to see your face;
Yet in my turning…it seems
the sound has been erased.


Dad, who will I turn to for answers
when life does not make sense;
Who will be there to hold me close
when the pieces just don’t fit.


Oh, Dad, if I could turn back time
and once more hear your voice;
I’d tell you that out of all the dads
you would still be my choice.


Please always know I love you
and no one can take your place;
Years may come and go
but your memory will never be erased.”



— Anonymous



  1. nerro said,

    t3ishi w teftekri, allah yer7amo

  2. Rou... said,


  3. Mermaid said,

    Inshallah he’s in a much better place. Allah yer7amo… we yer7amna.


  4. Rou... said,

    yes… we yer7amna e7na kaman… Amen to that too!

  5. Nesrina said,

    Sorry for your loss, Allah yer7amo we yesabarek.

  6. Rou... said,

    Thanks dear

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