February 18, 2009

Operation Walküre

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“Do you know what will happen to that portrait when the war is over?

The portrait will be unhung, and the man will be hung!”


— Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg



Last Monday I saw “Valkyrie” movie starring Tom Cruise and a group of fine actors. Covering what is known through history with the name “Operation Walküre”, the movie is immensely one of the best I have seen lately… If you’re a World War II history buff like me, you’ll probably appreciate the effort done in this movie. 


“Valkyrie” covers an important incident in the history of Nazi Germany; the failed assassination attempt of some German officers against Hitler in 1944. Even though the full story of the July 20 plot is complicated and cannot be fully covered within the boundaries of a two hours movie, but the film makers succeeded to a great extent in giving the feeling of what actually happened back then. Even with the fact that we actually know how the story ends, the movie brilliantly managed to keep its gripping suspense!


“Valkyrie” is probably the first movie I have ever seen presenting German People as human beings trapped in a war they didn’t choose, and not merely monsters responsible for all WWII slaughters; for a change the Americans stop featuring the World as merely “The Good Guys” & “The Bad Guys”!


Even though I am hardly ever a Tom Cruise fan, but I must say that – surprisingly – he played one of his best roles ever; very much against his usual type of performance!


Stauffenberg’s last words to one of his colleagues just before they were executed were: “Look them in the eye! They will remember you!”…

I just loved those words…



Anyways, have a good day,





I wonder why Rommel wasn’t portrayed at all in the movie, even though – as far as I know – he knew about the July 20 plot in advance and didn’t inform Hitler about it!


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