March 7, 2009

Wahed.. Sefr!

Posted in English, Movies Reflections at 11:37 pm by Rou...

Today I saw “Wahed…Sefr” or “One…Zero” movie, which presents one day in the lives of 8 different characters (the day of the final match of the African Championship 2008, between Egypt and Cameron, that Egypt won 1/0)…


The idea of the movie itself is good, presenting 8 different lives with the different struggles they encounter, reaching somehow their peek on this particular day, only to melt down (even if it is only for a while) as the day reaches its end with the historical victory of Egypt over Cameron, with the outstanding celebrations and carousing of the Egyptians with their different social levels gathering together all over the streets in joy and happiness…


Even with the fact that the plot is a bit naive at some parts, and some relations are a bit… mmm… artificial… but I would say that overall the movie is good and the acting is excellent, especially “Nelly Kareem”, “Entessar”, and “Lotfy Labib”…


On another note, I wonder why is the movie causing this amount of outrage and criticism from many Copts who sees the movie as an attack on one of the fundamentals of the Christian faith… I mean… “Elham Chahine” ’s role in featuring a divorced Coptic woman struggling with the church to receive a religious permit to remarry is basically a real case that can happen with any Christian woman (I have a friend who had been into this before)… the movie simply puts some light on an existing problem, without giving any solution to it, and without being disgraceful to the Christianity as a religion by any means… Over and above, the movie is not merely about this case… the movie highlights this case through one scene only, along with another 7 different characters and their problems resembling different categories of the Egyptian community… and Christian women are part of the community…


A final comment… I absolutely have no idea what was Aida Riad doing in the movie… One scene, with no value add at all!


Anyways, again, overall, it is a good one… am glad I watched it…



Have a good day,




  1. ken1203 said,

    Hi there. I like the comments you made about the movie. Would you mind if I include them in an article I’m writing about the movie?

  2. Rou... said,

    Hi Ken, thanks for your comment…
    I don’t mind if you included them in your article about the movie after referring them to me 🙂

    I would also love to read your article when you are done with it… it’s always great to know about other ppoints of views…

    Have a splendid day! 🙂

  3. ken1203 said,

    Great. Thanks. What is your full name?

  4. Rou... said,

    Rehab Ragaee

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