March 30, 2009

Pamper Yourself!

Posted in English, Reflections at 1:05 am by Rou...

Last Thursday I was in a very low mood, being continuously overloaded lately at work and many other non-work-related stuff was really getting on my nerves… I came home after a very hectic day only to realize that am losing interest in doing anything… I didn’t wanna read, nor write, didn’t wanna watch tv, not listen to music… I just wanted to stay out there doing absolutely NOTHING!


Staying home alone after my mum travelled, I felt really lonely that day… Bored as much as I was, I logged on to the internet, checked who was online on msn… then started a small chat with Meto, one of my dear friends, not realizing that he will give me the magical medicine to cure my exhaust and boredom…


So what was his tip…?


Here’s what he convinced me of doing, and which I absolutely do not regret doing…


I filled the tube with hot water and my favorite tropical shower gel, lightened up my scented candles, turned on some of my favorite songs for Dean Martin, turned off the lights of the whole apartment, and enjoyed a long hot bubble bath in the dimmed candle light and the soft flow of the music…


I can’t start telling you how relaxing it was, how mind freeing it felt… I almost fell asleep during it…


After I was done, I couldn’t let go of this relaxing mood easily, so I fixed myself a cup of earl grey tea, took a cover and went to the balcony, laid down on a couch there, enjoying the cold breeze on my face… and fell asleep again…


The amazing thing about this actually is the fact that its effect lasted a lot more than I expected it to do… it marvelously continued putting me in a very high mood, and left me enjoying the little things that I seemed to have totally forgotten about lately… and I ended up thinking… Why the hell do I do this to myself… why do I keep myself stressed all the time, and forget to enjoy the little things… I mean… such as… you know… I used to buy myself flowers for example… I don’t even remember when the last time I got myself flowers was…


When I was talking with Meto afterwards, he told me… ya Rou you should love yourself a little bit more than the way you do now… I guess he was very right in this… I guess I need to take care of myself more… to love her more… to pamper her a little bit more…


Thanks ya Meto for the tip… J





  1. meto said,

    Ay 7’edma ya Rou… I’m so glad it really made a difference… You see just simple and available things can really make you happy and change your mood completely… No need to go out or meet anyone 🙂

    I believe that you cannot love anything or anyone unless you love your self first..

    Whenever you need any of such tips ya Rou just call me, I have a lot more 😉

  2. Mermaid said,

    Ya 3einy ya 3einy 😉

    El walad Meto dah sa3at bey2ool 7ekam 🙂 Yes, indeed we should love and pamper ourselves regularly keda.

    Sadly, we sometimes do things that we like very much (like buying ourselves chocolate, watching a favorite movie, shopping…etc.) But we we’re just not in the mindset of “I am pampering myself”… we do it as part of our life routine. We need to stop breathlessly running shewaya and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

    And remember: “Les meilleures choses de la vie sont gratuites” 🙂

  3. Zandzz said,

    yeah i wish i had this advice when my mum was abroad too. I wonder why these simple solutions never come to our minds and we always think of complicated things and things that are harder to get and maybe when we get them, they won’t make us as happy.
    The only thing i pamper myself with is obviously chocolate bs it definitely makes me feel guilty after wards as usual tab3an 😀

  4. Rou... said,

    Ya Meto begad it was awesome! Enta lazem te3mel business belmawdoo3 da… hatekssab dahab 😀

    weddeeeha e3lanata 3ala nogooom FM 😉

  5. Rou... said,

    Ya Mayo… I so much agree with what you said regarding the fact that even if we did something for ourselves, we do not so it with the purpose of pampering ourselves… it’s all about the intention behind what we do indeed…

    Yalla mesh mohem… 🙂

  6. Rou... said,

    Ya Randa, you made laugh awy b “makes me feel guilty afterwards as usual tab3an” deee… I can definetly relate 😀

    By the way, better late than never… now that you know the tip… give it a try 😉

    Thanks for passing by dear!

  7. meto said,

    Ya Rou, I will seriously think of giving lectures on this, one easy and very reachable way is through nogoom FM… See below:


    “Ma7’noo2? Arfan fe 3eshtak? Mesh taye2 nafsak wala taye2 teshoof aw tesma3 ay 7ad?

    Kollena benmorr bel2a7asees dy we mabne3rafsh ne3mel eh aw neroo7 fen ma3a enn el 7all sahl we baseet.

    Law 3awez te3raf ezzay tebambar nafsak kallemny 3ala 0900 XXXX harod 3alek benfasy we ha2ollak te3mel eh bezzapt. Da mafeesh ashal men ennak tebambar nafsak


  8. Rou... said,

    LOOOL…. enta kotla mota7arekka men el maskhara ya Metos!!!! 😀

    Ana mesh adra astaw3eb ezay bany adam as sarcastic as you, can write 7agat ka2eeba zay elly betet7efna beeha kol shwaya deee 😀

    Yalla go for this AD wana ha3mellak de3aya hayla 😉

  9. Zandzz said,

    I’m really looking forward to that Ad.. 2allak ” Bambar nafsak “. That would be reallly hilarious.

  10. Muhammad Saeed said,

    mesh 7aram el maya ele daya3teha de kolaha?

    nice idea, I should try it someday in sha Allah

    and thanks Meto

  11. Rou... said,

    LOL… shoft el esraaf elly ana feeeh ya Happy! 😀
    Thanks for passing by my dear friend!

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