May 19, 2009

عن وفاة حفيد مبارك… الله يرحمه

Posted in Arabic, Reflections, Revolutionary and Politician, Slang at 4:17 pm by Rou...

ربنا قال: “ولا تزر وازرة وزر أخرى”… يعني مافيش نفس تتحاسب بإثم نفس غيرها…

بلاش نبقى بنتشفَى في حد… ده طفل… و مات…

ربنا يرحمه و يجعله عظة ليهم…



  1. nerro said,

    الناس فاهمة غلط، وفي منهم كتير مش قادرين يحسوا قد ايه اهله ممكن يكونوا تعبانين وموجوعين.

  2. Rou... said,

    بالضبط! دي حاجة الواحد مايتمناهاش حتى لأعداؤه

    اللهم إجعل مصائبنا سبب في هدايتنا و ردنا إليك رداً جميلاً

  3. Mermaid said,

    ربنا يرحمه ويصبر أهله. أتمنى إن مش يكون فيه حد “بيشمت” في آل مبارك. يا ريت يكون موت الولد الصغير ده عظة ليهم ولينا جميعاً

  4. Zandzz said,

    yes this what I felt exactly, and I agree totally with mayo di fe3lan el mafrood teb2a maw3eza leehom w leena. It’s really a terrible thing that ppl can hardly tolerate losing their own child. Rabena yesabar ahlo begad.

  5. Rou... said,

    I’m glad ya Mayo you changed your angry tone 🙂 … and yes may it be maw3eza leena e7na kaman not leehom bass!

    Amen to that ya Randa, thanks for passing by!

  6. Mermaid said,

    When we talked yesterday, it was not an angry tone ya bateekha enty 😀 It was just… sharp, I guess 🙂 I was kindda irritated that we sympathize with Mubarak Family more than we do with laymen.

    The feelings I have for Alaa Mubarak are as intense as those I have for any father whose son passed away. It’s heart-breaking 😦

    I don’t think any human would rejoice over such a tragic loss! 😦

  7. Rou... said,

    Ya Mayo again I was not sympathizing with Mubarak’s family “more than” I do with any other human on earth… 🙂

    and yes… it was a very “sharp” tone indeed! 🙂

    and finally I definetly agree with you that if any person rejoiced over such tragedy, he won’t deserve the word “Human” aslan…

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