June 14, 2009

Of implementing positive words in real world!

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When a friend of mine first told me about his initiative of sending daily positive vibes, I was thinking “What an amazing idea, we all need this soft breeze reminding us that we’re missing many things in life with our negative attitude!”, and I thought of sharing my own positive vibes too…


Mine are a bit different than normal inspiring stories because I somehow tend to see the positive vibes not only about the inspirational words, but it’s rather about the way we implement such words into our real world; the way we see things around us, even the little things that might not be of any significant importance to anyone…


So, anyways, here’s my two cents of beauty that I have experiences through 3 different situations last week…


Last Saturday, I was getting a birthday gift for my dearest brother and was in a really good mood while I was, mainly because I’m convinced that when I put enough love and care in the process of getting a gift, it somehow reaches its receiver… I was carrying this BIG smile on my face all the time, and funny enough that my smile seemed to act like a “3adwa” to the people I was talking to… three consecutive times into three different shops, the sellers were extremely helpful, generous, easy going, smiling……. you name it! And the best thing about it is that I felt it was genuine smiles keda… not for the sake of selling me some stuff… Someone told me once that when somebody laughs beside you, you’ll find yourself subconsciously laughing without a particular reason… same goes for a smile… it’s hard not to smile to someone back when he smiles to you… that’s part of being positive, isn’t it?


A few days later, in the middle of the week, a dear colleague asked me “Isn’t that building with the minarets and the dome in Salah Salem the Citadel that Saladin built?”… I told him “No, this is Mohamed Ali mosque which is located inside of the Citadel of Saladin”… He was very confused and told me that he was kinda challenging someone that this particular building is the citadel… he then told me… “You must take me to a tour into this place… I feel really ignorant and shocked in myself… I want to know about these places!”… I told him “You pick the date and am all for it!”… then I left… and I can’t tell you how much of excitement I felt afterwards… not because he didn’t know about such a significant historical place… but because he got the guts to declare that he needs to know about it, and he was courageous enough to seek a change within himself… This is being positive!


The other thing that actually happened and it was regarding the citadel too was last Thursday. On my way back to Heliopolis, while driving the autostrad road all the way back from Maadi I passed by the Citadel, as usual… There’s nothing new in this, taking this road I usually pass by it, and it’s always lying out there in the dark like a deserted castle… but the thing is that in this particular day it wasn’t, because for my very own surprise I saw the Mosque of Mohamed Ali Pasha on the top of the citadel beautifully lightened in a way that I haven’t seen before… I stopped my car at the side of the road, and stood there for a couple of minutes staring at it… and it really really made my day! Why do I consider this a positive thing? Because I believe that most of the people who passed by it haven’t even noticed it… and that’s why I said that part of being positive is seeing the beauty around you…


Well… that was LONG! I didn’t intend to make it that long at all… I guess that I was simply missing how it felt like to write about positive things!


Have a great day, week, month, life! 🙂


I wrote something regarding putting enough love into gifts back on the Christmas Eve of 2007… I thought of sharing it with you again here in this context…



  1. Zandzz said,

    Yess I noticed it tooo. I’ve always noticed the citadel and Mohamed Ali Pasha’s mosque on my way back to maadi from heliopolis or nasr city. I noticed it was lit a week ago. I passed by it two times and it really made my day although both days were pretty hectic and stressful. I loved the lights and I also felt nobody was noticing it :((
    ya rab yefdaalo menawarenha 3ala tooool 🙂

  2. Rou... said,

    Amen to that ya Randa…

    By the way, they’re still lightening the mosque till now, we kaman the walls of the citadel… 3ala Allah! 🙂

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