July 2, 2009

Of Satisfaction…

Posted in English, Quotes, Reflections at 2:14 pm by Rou...

A beautiful lady and a dear friend shared with me and other friends her story with cancer… I can’t start describing how her story made me feel… it brought tears into my eyes, and am not ashamed to say this out loud… and the real reason behind this actually, is not only because of the very touching experience she has encountered and allow me to say prevailed… but it’s more because she reminded me of how dissatisfied and ungrateful I am sometimes…


You see, one gets into the endless cycle of life without giving himself a second to stop and think, to love, and feel, only to wake up someday totally lost with a constant feeling of torn and depression, ones that lead you to questions regarding the purpose of your life…


It is this “satisfaction” or as she called it “El Reda” that makes one survives this life blissfully… A well-off guy might be the most miserable man ever, because money does not automatically bring inner contentment… it’s the satisfaction with the little things that really does… she mentioned that she was celebrating the return of her eyebrows, while a few days ago I was complaining that I took too much tan during my short vacation last week…


I quote her saying: “Healing is not an event, it is a journey!”
Very true indeed… healing is a journey, and not only the physical healing… soul healing is a journey too… it takes power to sit quietly and listen to your soul… and it takes work and effort to work it out till you eventually reach this kind of satisfaction and happiness…


Buddha says: “Everything that is born is subject to decay. Since there is no external savior it is up to each of you to find your own liberation”… I think she has chosen the right way to survive her crisis…


Dear Salwa, thank you for a more than just a positive vibe…


Stay safe,



  1. ibhog said,

    nice post, and nice space you have here on you 🙂

  2. Rou... said,

    Thank you so much! 🙂

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