July 13, 2009


Posted in Arabic, Reflections at 8:59 pm by Rou...

بداخلي كل التناقضات…
معان للحب… و معان أخرى للحيرة…
بداخلي سكون وإحتواء… و نيران موقدة…
أعاصير و حروب و ثورات…
بداخلي طفولة ونضج… قوة و ضعف… صمود و إستسلام…
بداخلي أنثى…
رحاب رجائي
في 13 يوليو 2009


  1. oabbady said,

    معان للحب و معان اخرى للحيرة
    i soooo love that
    انا أعقد ما يحير عقلك و ابسط ما يحتوي حضنك

  2. Rou... said,

    Ohhh… I love this phrase you wrote ya Ola… dee eih dee?

    Thank you dear for passing by! 🙂

    • oabbady said,

      my pleasure dear, your post inspired me with it 🙂

  3. freakcoder said,

    7elwa gedan ya Rou ,
    but I have a small comment about ur feelings
    kan momken te2oly beda7’elly ensan cause sometimes men feel the same 🙂

  4. Rou... said,

    walahy ya omda u have a point indeed… it’s more like human feelings… but may be i wrote it this way bcz i felt it’s more likely that women feel this contradiction more than men… I dunno, that’s how i see it… 🙂

  5. Emad said,

    Believe me ya Rou , This happends to both , also a indicator of maturity for men to be more sensitive like females and for females to be more responsible and independent like men , as GOD is not male or female but both , and in our development we tending to be like him .

  6. Rou... said,

    Love the way you interpret it ya Omda! 🙂

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