July 14, 2009


Posted in English, Movies Reflections at 11:31 pm by Rou...

Never had I imagined that an animated movie would touch me as such… well… I caught myself getting really sentimental after almost 5 minutes of watching one remarkable animated movie, and it was only then that I knew how come it was chosen to be played in the opening ceremony of Cannes Film Festival …

I’m talking about the delightful animated movie “UP”…

With a loving widower old man (Carl) and a curious young kid (Russell) as the main heroes of the movie, there’s a surprising heartfelt emotion that seems to be flowing all through the movie… Stunning and colorful imagery along with an astounding music, taking you into a gentle ride that makes you at times almost flying with them, and touching the skies and landscape of the movie…

It’s not very common to have such an old man as the main hero of an animated movie… it’s pretty obvious to you at the beginning of the movie that the years have done a lot to that old sad man, to his spirit even more than to his body, to the extent that you can see the corners of his mouth almost pointing down, as if he is desperately wilting into earth…

I can’t really describe how much the early scenes of the movie, which tell Carl’s story and his love to Ellie and the couple’s dreams and disappointments with extraordinary tenderness, were touching… and yet how breathtaking were the later scenes of the movie with Carl’s bravery and adventurous spirit…

The idea of a flying house was more than amusing, where a huge bouquet of thousands of balloons sends Carl and his house soaring into the skies and into an adventurous trip to South America, to that one place that he used to dream of all through the years of his life with his beloved wife…

“Up” is a pretty engrossing movie that gives you a noticeable emotional impact of the beautiful wordless life of a lonely old man, opening up new routes in life to him and consequently to those who thought they were stuck in their loneliness…

I just loved it!




  1. nerro said,

    Yes, yes, yes….UP is the most uplifting movie ever. Loved it, and was pretty much stuck at the thought of the “flying house” since then. Sometimes I really wish I was a cartoon character 😀

  2. Rou... said,

    aywa ya Nerro aywa… being a cartoon charachter was my childhood dream… asl ya3ny they have the ability to do some outstanding amazing stuff… 7aga te3a2aad 🙂

  3. Mermaid said,

    Tool 3omry kan nefsy akteb movie reviews 7elwa keda 😀

    Since we saw the movie and my hands are itching… 3ayza alawenn 😀

    That was one beautiful movie. To tell you the truth, it even overshadowed “The Proposal” 🙂

  4. Rou... said,

    Walahy ya Mayo I never intend to write it as a review… it is somehow reflection to the state of mind that the movie puts me in… bass sometimes when I finish it, I discover it can fit as a movie review too… 🙂

    and yes, it was a beautiful movie indeed!

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