July 28, 2009

High on “Praxa”!

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Tayeb, if I ignored the fact that the show started almost an hour late, I would say that this was one of the most enjoyable nights I have spent lately…

Today I had the chance to experience the amazing musical play “Praxa”, by “Theatroe” group, hosted by the Cairo Opera House…


All the way through a very interesting and comic prism, this musical play succeeded in making you feel you were back in time and place to the year 400 BC in Athens, through the outstanding scenography and décor of the talented Mahmoud Samy… A BIG applause for one of the best décor I have seen on stage before…


Another HUGE applause goes for the amazing Hisham Gabr, for a marvelous music composition that takes you to the higher highs and lowers lows of moods depending on the sequence of events in the play…


Chapeaux to the excellent performance of the main characters in particular, and to all the actors in general… the efforts exerted are obvious… you all did a great job!


I particularly loved the roles of “Abocrat”, “Herominos”, “Belbros”, and “Cremmes” performed by “Rushdi El Shamy”, “Elhamy Amin”, “Ahmed Thabet”, and “Khaled Ibrahim” correspondingly… *


Guys, seriously this is a must see play; don’t miss the chance of watching it!


Ati, thanks for the invitations, my best to Hisham!


Beautiful Evening,

* I’m sure I misspelled the characters’ names above, so forgive me in this, I’m not a greek! 🙂


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