August 2, 2009

My homeland, Oh my homeland… I don’t give a damn!

Posted in English, Reflections, Revolutionary and Politician at 3:37 pm by Rou...

“هم لسة بيغنوا بلادي بلادي في المدارس الصبح؟ أصلهم من كام يوم إدو لإنجي بنتي سي دي في الحضانة عليه أغاني كان منهم بلادي بلادي ده… وإكتشفت إني مش حافظة نص الكلام”
Said my colleague with a huge laugh…

“أنا أصلاً مش عارفة آخر مرة قلته كان إمتى… أولى إعدادي يمكن… هو كان فيها لكي غايتي باين… و كملليلك للأيادي…”
Another colleague replied…

I was like HUH… what the hell is going on… we meen Kamleleelek da!!! And how come they are talking about the national anthem in such a way… and how the hell are they raising their children with such attitude…

I somehow managed to hold my anger, and told them it’s “كم لنيلك من أيادي”… But to my surprise a third colleague joined the discussion saying that he never knew it meant so… and they both agreed on this too, and started telling me different versions of how they used to sing it and making jokes about the whole idea of the national anthem… while one of them told me that she doesn’t even understand what does what I said mean, and when I explained the meaning she was like: “What’s this crap!!”…

I can’t describe how this conversation made me feel… I mean… I am really really angry, sad, and disappointed… and before you ask, no they weren’t kidding about it; they were as serious as a heart attack… I felt really bad that I lost my concentration at work recalling that a few weeks ago I was sitting with my mother remembering the words of some national songs… one of which was the national anthem of Egypt for a few years; “إسلمي يا مصر”… and I thought about some of its words saying: “لكي يا مصر السلامة”, “لقلبي أنت بعد الدين دين”, and “جانبى الأيسر قلبه الفؤاد… وبلادى هى لى قلبى اليمين”… and I almost cried from disappointments…

Well… I definitely know that it’s not about words and songs… but for me the whole attitude was pushing me towards a nervous breakdown…

I don’t think Egypt will ever be a better place with such people, with such mentalities, and with such attitude…

Rehab – Learning to be indifferent!



  1. ibhog said,

    believe me, if reform is ever going to happen, it won’t be that much of an issue for the anthem to be any less sacred, or for people to be any less apt, or for their mentalities to be less patriotic.

    people’s indifference to such symbolic chantings is mistaken for innuendo while it’s just an act of accepting reality for what it is, and to be frank, it’s pure emotion.

    To change something, you have to love it, if you love it, you want it to be better, and to know how to make it so, you’ll have to search for what you hate about it, and sometimes you’ll be overwhelmed at first by how many things you despise about it, but hey, it’s only because you already care.

    Being indifferent is sometimes needed to alleviate your mood swings, because one sometimes can only take so much of reality they just have to not give a damn regularly, or they’ll lose enthusiasm. People, according to their own levels of forbearance, sometimes, lose it totally.

    Besides, if we’re talking education, I really think the anthem is the least perplexing of our problems don’t you think?

    Anyways, that told, I envy you for being angry, it means you actually still care, you’re an asset more valuable than the most fat and resourceful indifferent citizen, and at times, the effect you can make is going to be eminent, we just hope those times .. come.

    Sorry for the long blather,

  2. ibhog said,

    oh, and I added you to my blogroll if it’s ok 🙂

  3. Rou... said,

    Well, I agree with you that the anthem in itself is not the issue, that’s why I said that I know it’s not about songs and words… it was the whole attitude… the sarcastic tone…

    i also agree with you that in order to change something you need to love it, and I’m perfectly fine with seeing the bad things in order to be able to change it… i am no more blinded and living in denial… I am quite aware of the defects and i see them… but I no more believe things would change… it’s not frustration, but it’s facing reality… I still care yes, but i no longer see hope…

    Finally, ofcourse it’s ok to have me on your blogroll… it’s an honor 🙂
    Thanks for passing by, and for caring to leave your comment over here..

  4. هرطقة said,

    People have long consider this country with all its official representations as not theirs
    Political stands, economy, national anthem, flag, ……. all change while people had nothing to say about it
    How else should we feel
    All these don’t belong to us any more
    And the worst is yet to come

  5. meto said,

    And why should I love this country, what did it give to me? Was I a part of anything, even deciding who should be ruling, deciding the kind of education I get??? Why should I care about the national anthem, what is the word national asslan???

    National is lost, does not exist, being sold, this country is not yours or mine, we are just egyptians by documents not by any belonging

    I don’t see that this country has given me anything to feel I have to pay back or feel grateful for anything, even the air and water, the most basic of any life, to any living organism, you cannot get them here, you pay for everything you want, you pay for education, for health care, for insurance, for everything what does this country give you??

    Before blaming people for their attitude, just we have to think why did they reach this, people are a product of their governments, it has always been so

  6. Mohamed Gamal said,

    We all surely love our home land and even those who say all the bad words about it reflecting their hatred are not saying the truth ,,, but i think most of them really deserve it, everybody has a mind to think .. i think we just need to be good, to work on ourselves. people are becoming worse not only in behavious but also in morals ,,

  7. marooned84 said,

    I think u got it upside down. A country is supposed to inspire faith and respect in its people, not the opposite. If I grew up in garbage, don’t expect me to sing for it, rather throw myself into the deep blue sea to get out. No, I don’t believe you should love anything in the world, whether it be family or home country or anything else, unless you see it deserves love. Otherwise you’d be loving an illusion you have, not the real thing.

  8. Mohamed Gamal said,

    Then let’s ask them to be good !

  9. ibhog said,

    Check my blog. You’ve been tagged in a game, I hope you share 🙂

  10. Shiko said,


    you got it upside down yourself

    it’s the PEOPLE who should give the country a value … not the opposite.

    what is a country? nothing else but a BIG family … think about it this way and you will understand what should you give to your country … and more importantly why.

    sorry to say it, but it’s your way of thinking which is behind 99,9% of the problems in this country, starting from sabotaging public transportation buses, to stealing billions of banks and fleeing to shiny Europe. in both cases the transgressor asked himself the same question “what did this country give me?” … a question which is a product of flawed understanding of what a country is really about.

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