August 27, 2009

النقطة الفاصلة

Posted in Arabic, Reflections, Slang at 11:40 pm by Rou...

“أوقات بحس إن وفاتك كانت هي النقطة الفاصلة في حياتي…
زي الصور اللي بتبقى “before and after”…
وكأن الدنيا حلفت من يومها ماتجيبش إلا مشاكل…
ماكانش ممكن كل ده يحصل لو كنت لسة موجود…
وحشتني أوي يا بابا… أوي!



  1. Shiko said,

    life didn’t “vows” to overload you with problems

    your perspective of events is what has been changed, and it is now what is causing you to blow your problems out of proportion.

    i am not blaming you, actually i believe that for a girl who lost her father it is a very natural reaction to have her perspective for life greatly effected like this.

    but please, move on. and find a way to convert those feelings into a positive power of motivation to get you going

    just dedicate your struggle in this life to your father’s memory … do your best to win and prove that your father didn’t raise a loser … but a tough girl who can fight and win on her own.

  2. Mega said,


  3. Rou... said,

    Thanks a lot Shiko for passing by and for your supportive words…
    I am not broken, it’s just the “terribly miss you” feeling that invades me every now and then… Don’t worry, I moved on… and I’m perfectly fine with the fact that he’s not around anymore, and I dare to say that el7amdolellah, my father did not raise a loser 🙂

    Thanks again!

  4. emma said,

    I have the same feelings about Mum 😦

    nice small words ya Rou

  5. Rou... said,

    yea… Rabena yer7amhom… both…

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