October 5, 2009

Your face is your Identity!

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I do not usually read newspapers, so I didn’t actually know about this piece of news until a dear friend of mine shared it with me today… that piece of news about Sheikh Tantawy who forced a girl wearing “Neqab” to take it off so as to show her face…
Although I am not a “Tantawy” fan, but I agree with him in his words about “Neqab” and about the fact that this is merely something people are accustomed to, and I think there’s no proof to this more than the fact that inside “Al7arram Al Makky” itself it is a must that women should uncover their faces…
However, I must say that even though I am convinced with this, I do not actually agree with his way of saying it… “ana a3raf fel deen a7san menek we men el khalefooky” and “omal law konty 7elwa shwaya konty 3amalty eih”, are not what I expect from the highest religious symbol in Egypt to say…
Anyways, the reason I am writing this actually wasn’t that piece of news rather than the subject of the email that my friend sent it with; “Your face is your Identity”… I mean, it’s very true that people’s faces are their identities… as, how on earth can I make sure I’m talking to this specific woman if she’s covering every single inch of her face… This triggered even the silliest thoughts into my mind… ya3ny for instance, if a lady wearing a neqab and driving her car hit someone in the street and ran away… how would anyone prove it was her driving the car not any other woman… I know many many will get offended of what I say here, but this is the way I see it…

Anyways… thanks Ice for sharing!


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